Why do you need to start your own CRM in 2021?

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Few things in this world can be as important to an entrepreneur as customer relations. And, as one of the most complex business processes, customer relationship management needs to be smoothed out.

How to do? Well, you can either use quality software or you can hopefully get lucky.

If the first option seems like the right solution, then dig in and in this article RexSoft will tell you everything you need to know about high quality. CRM development.

What is CRM?

Let’s start small. CRM is software that revolves around every interaction you have with your customer. It helps you streamline these processes, speed up your sales cycle, improve customer service, optimize marketing, and enrich your customer base.

There are a few types of CRM systems:

  • operational, which aims to integrate and automate sales, marketing and customer support;

  • strategic, which focuses on developing a customer-centric corporate culture;

  • analytical, which obviously revolves around collecting customer data from different sources;

  • collaborative, which can help you, your suppliers, distributors, etc., to share customer data within a group or an organization;

  • customer data platform, which collects data about individuals in a database.

It may seem like a miracle, but business people don’t believe in words. So for this case, we’ve put together some numbers for you.

How would my business benefit from a CRM?

It’s time to go through some data. CRM is the world’s largest software market, and by 2025 it is expected to reach $ 80 billion in revenue. What ensures its growth is accessibility since CRM is a solution that helps you get all the information about your customers from a single application.

And it’s also proven that CRM, like any software for automation, makes workflow more productive. According to Forrester, about 50% of teams have improved their productivity with the CRM system.

Even more, according to Nucleus Research, 65% of companies with mobile CRM have met their sales quotas while 78% of companies without CRM have not.

So, most of the time, CRM can be passed off as a troubleshooting remedy for any business in the world. This will automate your workflow and make your employees more satisfied because your sales cycle will be much more enjoyable to navigate.

If you think CRM is indeed some kind of a miracle, you are not alone! Almost half of the world’s businesses are planning to invest in CRM software and create one for their own needs.

This raises another question, however. If you need CRM to work for your business and grow your business, who will create it for you? This is where everything depends entirely on you.

How can I choose a developer for my CRM system?

Here are some useful practical tips that will help you find the perfect developer who can turn the tide for you.

  1. Find someone with experience

Do not work with those who do not have a portfolio or no experience in CRM development at all. They might not meet your needs or create a solution that is less effective.

Experience is also important in terms of guarantees. If you see your potential developer’s past work, you can distinguish those whose apps aren’t right for you. This way, you have a better chance of getting the solution you want.

  1. Complex services are what you should be looking for

You probably won’t agree with just developing a CRM. The needs of your business tend to change from time to time, so it’s important to find someone who can help you find what you need in the first place and improve it later. Some software development companies can provide these types of services to you.

What you should be looking for is:

  • consultant; the service that will allow you to get a professional consultation on the type of software you need and what you need to implement in it

  • web and mobile development; mobile CRMs are more popular these days, but you better have the flexibility to create both a web version and a mobile version as your business grows

  • the integration; this service will ensure that you will not be left alone with the software, your development team will help you implement it painlessly into the workflow

  • evolution; as your business grows and your needs change, you will have to adapt, and this service is what will help you

  • training and support; this service is to help your employees better understand how CRM works and how to make it more efficient. In addition, the support part makes sure that your developer will come to your aid when needed.

  1. Find people who can work under the laws of your country

This advice may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. You need it to secure your own data and protect your ideas.

If you are bound by contract with your developer, it will only save your nerves when building a CRM system.

So you now know everything you need to start your own CRM development. As a powerful solution, this system could easily bring you the success you need.

And it’s time for your business to start playing big, don’t you think? It’s more than possible with RexSoft.

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