What are the top 10 companies that Salesforce has acquired?

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Even though 2020 has been a difficult year, Salesforce has established itself as one of the top-ranked companies in philanthropy (Change the World), culture (# 1 Top 50 Companies That Care), innovations (World’s Most Innovative Companies) and acquisitions (6 new acquisitions were added to Salesforce’s already long list).

Salesforce flourishes in all aspects of the business. With it, the functionality of the CRM also expands. When it comes to the development of Salesforce, the focus is on business acquisition. By January 2021, Salesforce had taken over 66 companies, and it’s obvious they have other big things planned.

This article will answer all your questions about Salesforce acquisitions. Here, you’ll get an overview of why Salesforce secures top AI-related businesses. We’ll discuss the top 10 companies, now under the Salesforce banner, and how they’ve performed.

Motivation behind Salesforce acquisitions

The market for CRM software is booming. SuperOffice has published that the revenue of the CRM business segment is expected to exceed $ 80 billion by 2025. On this basis, Salesforce wants to find and acquire innovative companies. You may wonder what is the cause of this increased interest in software companies?

Stay alive in the competition

There are many different companies that offer 360 degree customer view services. However, Salesforce faces major competition from Adobe, Oracle CRM for Demand, and Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM. All of these competitors have unique characteristics. To rise above them all, Salesforce acquires leading digital businesses, opening up new horizons for its customers.

Extend its functionality

The CRM platform is aimed at a large market with its marketing and sales tools. From retail to nonprofit, all kinds of industries can benefit. Salesforce is constantly integrating new activities into itself to provide B2C and B2B organizations with better solutions that can help those organizations use data more efficiently.

Be the best in the world of CRM

For 8 consecutive years, Salesforce has been crowned the # 1 CRM platform. Its progress has been incredible and they have introduced over 125 new services this year. Salesforce decided to go beyond the limits and offer unique services. Their long list of acquisitions is proof that they are indeed one of the best organizations in the CRM software market.

Top 10 Salesforce acquisitions; Why and where are they today


Slack is Salesforce’s largest acquisition, acquired for $ 27.7 billion. It is one of the main communication platforms. The merger with Salesforce Customer 360 was a giant leap and completely changed perceptions of work processes from anywhere.

As businesses turn to digital platforms, this merger provides solutions to create virtual space for businesses. Now, collaboration tools such as online chat and video conferencing are available to Salesforce customers. Help them to better connect virtually with their audience.

Adobe and Microsoft had such communication tools, and now Salesforce is alongside its competition.


Acumen Solutions has been one of the best cloud consulting firms. Salesforce acquired them in order to extend the professional services of Salesforce. Salesforce can now offer its customers the solutions best suited to the digital management of a company. Moreover, it will also make the process of switching to a virtual space much faster and easier.


A top-notch analytics platform, Table was acquired for the purpose of expanding the services of Einstein Analytics software by Salesforce. Now, Salesforce is able to deliver great business insight and analysis to its customers, helping them make better decisions for their business.

Tableau is now recognized as a critical part of Salesforce’s Customer 360 vision. He also participated in the Dreamforce 2019 Opening Keynote.


Mulesoft strives to create a seamless connection between on-premises systems and cloud products. Salesforce acquired them to facilitate the digital transformation of its customers. With Mulesoft on board, transferring and accessing data can be much simpler, making the transition hassle-free.

Mulesoft will be converted to an integration cloud to help users manage data, applications and devices remotely.


The Heroku acquisition provides Salesforce customers with an incredible platform to develop customer-centric applications. Using numerous tools and workflows, as well as the ability to integrate CRM data, users can now build secure applications tailored to specific use cases.

Although Heroku works efficiently, it is always constantly being worked on and updated. An announcement was made in January 2021 that the connection pool for Heroku Postgres would be moved to GA. This much higher number of client connections will be possible without any problems. Additionally, users can better utilize the architectures on the Heroku platform.

Exact target / Pardot / MarketingCloud

It is essential that Pardot was acquired by ExactTarget to better manage its own marketing tools. However, it caught the attention of Salesforce, and ExactTarget was now a prime target for them.

Salesforces entered the marketing arena with the acquisition of ExactTarget. He also helped Salesforce with its cloud marketing and improved performance. Customers can now have an impactful digital presence. Salesforce users can now make the most of different digital tools to extend their reach to target audiences, increase brand awareness, and improve customer experience.

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution and has managed to grow significantly. Recently, they introduced B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, engagement history dashboards, a new Pardot messaging experience, and developer sandboxes to test Pardot.


ClickSoftware helps manage mobile and field service workers. Having them on board has definitely lifted Salesforce to the top. They launched Field Service Lightning, which helps their customers provide top customer service to their customers. ClickSoftware helps service employees and also helps increase the efficiency of the mobile workforce.

With the help of FSL, resulting from this merger, Salesforce is gaining more attention than ever from ISV ​​solutions. As a result, they focus on creating better planning and location technology.


Salesforce broadened its horizon by acquiring Demandware. Previously focused on B2B markets, they entered the world of B2C markets with this merger.

Demandware equips its users with cloud-based e-commerce tools. Salesforce can use it to deliver premium marketing and CRM solutions to its customers. They can also target new customers by marketing their marketing and analytics services.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a product of this integration. It is a tool that helps build better relationships with customers. Retailers, using tools like digital engagement channels, can improve their business by providing a better customer experience.


By acquiring Krux, Salesforce has equipped itself with tools that can help its clients better manage marketing and advertising campaigns. This collaboration, with a data management platform, allowed Salesforce to create a cloud marketing tool. This helps Salesforce customers organize their big data and sales operations in a much more organized way.

Krux has become Audience Studio. It helps businesses improve customer experience across all channels by equipping them with data management tools.


Acquisition of Quip helps Salesforce provide customers with a document sharing solution. Quip provides tools with word processing and presentation software that help users collaborate better. It also provides a simple solution to share documents with live data from CRM; this improves user satisfaction and engagement.

Salesforce Quip can now deliver apps like Kanban Board, Calendar, Project Tracker, etc., all under the “Live Apps” banner. These are interactive applications that help users manage their work documents.

Over 900 organizations use Quip, as well as 21st Century Fox and Securities America Inc.

Salesforce and the acquisition of AI companies

State of the Connected Customer, a report released by the Salesforce research team, claims that over 60% of customers would like businesses to improve based on feedback in terms of customer actions and behavior. The use of artificial intelligence in business models can have a big impact on the customer experience and can also help build customer loyalty.

Salesforce is constantly working to advance its AI Einstein platform, and in doing so, acquires other AI companies so they can merge with their strengths. One example is the acquisition of MetaMind, an AI company. Salesforce integrated their algorithms and created a deep learning tool merged with CRM. This tool can help customers by automating their regular processes such as marketing and sales.

Likewise, in 2019, Salesforce joined Bonobo, an AI start-up. This collaboration produced tools for Salesforce customers that could help them gain insight using online customer interactions.


Through this model of acquiring all kinds of businesses, Salesforce has managed to develop a large ecosystem that even has its own Appstore. Not only does this rank them as the # 1 CRM platform in the world, but it also puts them on the map with other tech giants like Adobe and Microsoft.

Acquiring new businesses also helps Salesforce grow in different dimensions and, in turn, provide its customers with exceptional service and meet their expectations.

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