Types of coffee for every coffee lover

There are different types and versions of coffee, and even if you try to count them you will not be able to do it because there are many different types of coffee. Here is a list of some types of coffee for all coffee lovers:

  1. Black coffee

Classic black coffee is simply boiled water mixed with coffee, and it contains no milk or sugar. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and can provide many health benefits if consumed correctly.

  1. Espresso

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Espresso is used as the base of many coffee drinks and is a very famous type of coffee from Italy. It is made with high pressure steam and the ground coffee beans are used in the cappuccino maker. It is topped with a creamy foam and contains a high level of caffeine.

  1. American

A little stronger and without the milk is an Americano, the term comes from Italian for American coffee. A cup of Americano is created by pouring hot water over the base of the coffee which is an espresso. A small dose of espresso turns into Americano.

  1. Pour over the coffee

More than a name, Pouring over Coffee is a technique that includes wetting, dissolving and diffusing. Hot water is poured over the freshly ground beans, which include a filter and are commonly referred to as brewed.

  1. Flat White

It is one of the most popular types of coffee which consists of espresso as the base and therefore has a lower amount of steamed milk. Milk is just for the taste and espresso is what gives Flat White coffee flavor.

  1. Cappuccino

Cappuccino coffee

There are different versions of Cappuccino. The basis of cappuccino is espresso and is made up of milk and cream. It is served in different ways and contains 1/3 espresso, milk froth and steamed milk.

  1. Irish coffee

Irish Coffee is a cocktail of hot coffee, whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. It may not be accepted as a morning drink, but it is one of the most popular versions of regular coffee in the world.

  1. Mochaccino

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Mochaccino, a creamy chocolate coffee made with milk foam, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup and a double espresso. It can be served with whipped cream and any topping of your choice.

  1. Cafe Nitro

Cafe Nitro Cafe Nitro is one of the more unique coffees and is quite expensive. The name comes from nitrogen because cold brewed coffee is mixed with nitrogen to make it feel like beer. It is also served in a beer keg and is very popular.

  1. chopped

An equal amount of espresso and steamed milk is used to create a cut through the espresso and hence the name Cortado which means cut. It is one of the most popular cafes in Spain.

  1. Instant coffee

Instant Coffee - Types of Coffee for All Coffee Lovers

The simplest of all. Just pour the desired amount of coffee powder into hot water and stir it until it dissolves. Instant coffee is used to make one of the most popular and fashionable drinks, Dalgona coffee which was all the rage on the internet during the pandemic

These are some of the types of coffee for all coffee lovers, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can experience many variations of coffee if you just try something different with your coffee. Hope this article has helped you discover a new kind of coffee.