Transparent aligners or metal braces? Here’s how to choose!

Think about braces and you’ll probably think of a teenager with a metallic smile, right? Teens undergo dental treatment to align their teeth, but many people avoid braces because they do not wish to have metal braces on their teeth. Many adults who avoided braces earlier wish to align their teeth are open to braces, but metal braces continue to act as a deterrent. For all of these people, clear aligners are the perfect way to achieve the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of!

A common question asked by people who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment is: “Transparent gutters or metal fixtures? Which one should I choose? “ Let’s take a look at what these two types of orthodontic appliances are and which one is best for you!

What are metal suspenders?

Metal braces are traditional brace options that have been in use for decades. These are fixed options in which metal brackets are glued to your teeth and a metal wire is added through the brackets. The thread is locked in the holder using small rubber bands.

The metal braces are made of stainless steel and stay on your teeth until the treatment is complete. The orthodontist tightens the wire to apply intermittent forces to your teeth and cause them to move. This is how your teeth are aligned using metal braces.

Introducing Clear Aligners!

Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are thin, transparent plastic trays that are custom-made for each patient and fit your teeth. Clear aligners are removable and completely invisible when worn on the teeth, making them very convenient and the most aesthetic choice for aligning your teeth. Aligners also apply light or moderate but constant forces to the teeth to align them properly.

Due to the above mentioned properties of clear aligners, they make brushing, flossing and feeding very convenient. Since they lack threads and supports, they are also much more comfortable than metal suspenders.

Indications for transparent aligners

Clear gutters are extremely popular today because of the many benefits they offer. Here are some cases where transparent gutters are indicated:

  • Mild to moderate overcrowding
  • Spacing
  • Light to moderate protrusion
  • Overbite
  • Openbite

Transparent aligners are indicated in the majority of cases and have a high success rate in orthodontic treatment. Due to their properties, most people today hope to align their teeth using transparent aligners instead of metal braces. Does this make metal braces ineffective? Not really!

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When are metal suspenders a good idea?

Here are some reasons why metal braces are suitable and are a good idea:

  • Significant overcrowding
  • Case with cleft palate
  • Orthodontic cases requiring a surgical phase
  • Skeletal malformations

When you visit your orthodontist to achieve the alignment of your teeth and the smile you have always dreamed of, they will perform a thorough clinical and radiological examination of your teeth, jaws and facial profiles. Depending on your condition, your orthodontist will suggest the best type of braces for you. You can tell him / her about your choice of braces and decide on the treatment with your orthodontist.

If you are looking to align your teeth and want to opt for transparent aligners, contact us at Aligners India today!

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