Top 10 Indispensable Common Features of Successful Mobile Apps

Since the evolution of Internet technology, a lot has changed. Mobile apps have become a potential way to multitask like ordering food, shopping online, paying online, and even finding a dating partner.

Moreover, although there are millions of apps on the app stores of the respective platforms such as Android and iOS, only a few apps are on top and have more downloads. The question is, why? If we look closely, we will find that the successful mobile apps have some great features, including some unique ones. Initially, app developers create a base version with some common key features and then add advanced features as needed.

You are reading this article because you might be interested in the features that you can include in your app that can make your app look very different from the ordinary.

So let’s start with the list of common key features that are essential for successful mobile apps as suggested by an excellent mobile application development company.

List of Top 10 Essential Features for Mobile Apps

# 1. Easy integration

This is the first essential feature that every application needs to facilitate users. It doesn’t matter what kind of app you develop, but you need to ensure smooth user onboarding. So it would be better if users could register / sign in with their phone number, Gmail, other email id and sign up with social media id will work like icing on the cake.

# 2. Smooth navigation

Users never want to search for options. They need a smooth and straightforward approach to be able to use the features of the mobile app smoothly. Here your development skills will play a crucial role in developing such features and ensuring effortless navigation. So the user should like it while interacting with the app.

# 3. Rich user interface

The term UI stands for user interface. This is the thing the user interacts with first, right after installing an app. It was found in a survey that over 60% of users will not return to the app with a poorly designed user interface.

Although for the success of an application, the backend and the frontend are equally responsible. Still, the user interface is more crucial because end users don’t care what programming language and framework you used to develop the app. Instead, their primary focus will be on whether the app looks appealing or not. So every on-demand app development company is taking extra steps for this.

# 4. Voice search

This is one of the new features that you can find in every app, whether it’s newly launched or old. In 2020 30% of internet browsing was done with less screen, around 20% of voice search queries were done with keywords like how, what, better and easy. This percentage will increase further. So it would be better to include it in your application.

# 5. Tracking control

Order tracking is one of the features that you should include in your app, especially when focusing on developing mobile apps for e-commerce, food delivery, drug delivery, etc. It directly refers to the generation of trust among consumers to track their packages after order and payment. Most of the industry’s on-demand solutions use it in the best way.

# 6. Next Generation Payment Methods

Most of the applications use online payment methods which allow the user to pay as per their convenience. But the point is, end users prefer to only use these apps with secure payment gateways because no one wants to fall victim to online fraud. So it would be better if the apps have a reliable and secure payment method where users can pay easily and feel safe.

# 7. Push notifications

This is one of the key features that users love the most. This helps them keep up to date with the latest information. Whether it’s a news app or a food ordering app, it is useful for everyone. Real-time updates on promotion, deals and deals are a concurrent requirement. Almost all web development companies also implement this feature in websites. In terms of successful mobile app, this is a much needed feature.

Yet if you have a question- Are push notifications effective?

So it’s Interestingly, it increases mobile app engagement up to 88%, and on the other hand, 68% of app users open the app after receiving the push notification.

# 8. Low energy consumption

Have you ever noticed why your phone consumes more battery?

If you don’t know the reason, you’ll be surprised that apps consume battery while running, and if they’re poorly designed, they take more. This is a specialized feature that every app developer should take into account when developing an app that uses little power. It will also benefit the hardware of the device. In terms of usage, an app user will also like it because most users don’t want to install an app that requires high battery usage.

# 9. Communication in the application

This makes every app interesting if it has built-in chat and calling options, so that users of the same platform can communicate easily and without going outside. Additionally, if this is a business oriented app, it will also work great for customer engagement and support. Therefore, not only for the development of mobile applications, but it is also useful for a web development company to be included in web applications.

#ten. Multilingual

Users and applications are not limited to any language or geolocation. So by focusing on these factors, all successful mobile apps have this feature which you may want to consider including in your app as well.


When it comes to making a mobile app successful, two things make up the most important content and functionality. Both of these work miraculously in customer engagement, but functionality always comes first. Of course, if an app has fantastic features, the user can ignore any content flaw. However, if the features do not match the expectations of the users of the mobile app, they uninstall it immediately.

Application development on demand is the hottest trend where you can find apps like Uber-like apps, pharmacy delivery apps, fashion apps, health apps and many more. While there are several apps available in this segment, only successful apps have more downloads, and the only reason is to have key features, including some advanced features.

If you are also considering app development as an opportunity, then it would be best to implement the key features above and hire dedicated developers. In combination, it will work great for an idea-specific app that you focus on launching.

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