Tips for choosing an office chair cushion for back pain

Good posture in your office is essential because you are sitting at the desk for several hours a day and you want to avoid back pain which can prevent you from enjoying the weekend. When your current office chair isn’t giving you the comfort you need, detachable cushions are the answer to aches and pains relief.

However, choose the best office chair cushion supporting your back can be difficult as there are so many options on the market. To help you choose the best one for your needs, there are a few tips you can follow.

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Here are some tips on choosing office chair cushions for back pain

Select memory foam seat cushions

There are different types of office chair cushions. However, you should choose memory foam because it is pleasant to the touch and has a design that envelops your body, allowing it to provide unique support to your back.

Additionally, the foam cushions are heat sensitive, cradling the body weight to cushion sore spots. Plus, you can still get the office chair cushion gel to keep the body cool while relieving pain as it takes the brunt of your pressure points.

An ideal desk cushion should be firm on the chair without slipping. Go for stable cushions with a non-slip rubber base and straps for easier installation on the chair. You need at least two straps to keep the cushion secure.

Focus on ergonomic design

An office chair is ergonomic when the depth and height are adjustable, helping you sit more comfortably at a desk. Ergonomic chairs should provide sufficient lumbar support for the buttocks and lower spine. Unfortunately, most standard office chairs can lack designs with such characteristics. However, you don’t have to suffer from pain throughout your working day.

A seat cushion can fill the void. You will need U-shaped cushions with cutouts to help you treat pain on your hips, lower back and tailbone. Such designs also ease pressure in critical areas, helping you sit longer without back pain or discomfort.

Consider height and weight

Some cushions are designed for larger office chairs, while others fit smaller airplane seats. You can check the dimensions of the seat size before purchasing a cushion. Seat cushions with lumbar support, a separate piece or a fixation are normally longer.

While they are normally lightweight and you can easily transport them from your car to the office, some gels and foams are heavier due to the bulk of the material. For example, rigid foam is light and soft foam is heavy depending on the structure of the cells.

In your office, the office chair cushion might not be the cleanest item. This is because it is prone to sweat, dust and spills. A dirty object in the office can easily prevent you from concentrating. As the person busy making sure the pillow is clean, you can select machine washable products for easy washing.

Choosing the best cushions can meet the different seating needs of an individual as it can relieve pressure and provide better alignment for your spine. Fortunately, you can get a memory foam office chair cushion at reduced rates.

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