The secrets of a profitable tennis bet


Over the past decade it has been like a double-edged sword to bet on tennis, especially men’s tennis. The “big three” of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have dominated the sport with 18 titles in the last 21 major tournaments. However, the money lines on tennis matches are very steep. It takes big bets from bettors to make a good amount.

Women’s tennis, on the other hand, is more open with Serena Williams dominating the scene. But all of these situations beg the question: Can punters make money betting on tennis? The simple answer is yes! But bettors need to know the performance of the players in order to put their money on the right player.

In this article, we discuss various profitable secrets to consider before getting into online tennis betting.

The steps

According to latest tennis news, punters can choose from several tennis betting markets. Set and match handicaps, head-to-head bets, correct set score, number of sets, number of aces or absolute tournament winner are quite common.

Bettors can also put money easily on players who dominate men’s and women’s tennis. This way they have more chances of winning a good amount on the bets.

Supporting the favorites in the early rounds of a tennis tournament doesn’t make much sense, provided you have the most chance of getting 1.01 similar or similar odds. At odds of 1.01, you require a player to win the given match more than 99% of the time. However, this is possible in rare cases in the main tournament.

It is therefore a question of finding the right bet at the best price.

Know the players

Tennis is full of players with contrasting abilities, styles and personalities. It therefore goes without saying that bettors should be aware of the weaknesses and strengths of the various players who are at the heart of tennis betting.

Some players can compete well against specific opponents, even when they are lower ranked. Others are unreliable to bet because of their lesser courage, no matter how talented.

Some tour professionals can also perform well against left-handed players and vice versa. So, all of these factors should be taken into account when placing a tennis bet. The more you analyze and scrutinize the results of tennis matches, the clearer the shape lines become. Therefore, more betting opportunities will appear in front of you.

By closely following the tennis tournaments during the season, you get a good understanding of the performance and schedule of the players. It can be hectic to understand, but beneficial when betting. If you choose a favorite who has traveled a lot and is performing poorly, it is best not to choose that player.

Research methods

There are different WTA and ATP websites full of information on different tennis matches. So you should browse these websites before betting on any tennis match. From recent player performances to one-on-one records, all of these sites are important for reading about tennis players.

It is even essential to research the performance of different players under different conditions. Many players will play smoothly against opponents on clay and may then play poorly on glass and vice versa.

The WTA and ATP websites contain all the detailed information about the performance of players on hard, turf and clay courts. You should therefore read the information on their overall balance sheet, as well as the percentage of earnings.

Also, be sure to research previous editions of tennis tournaments to help you develop a better tennis betting strategy. Some players may well be at the top of the leaderboards during specific events; they may even perform well on particular sites even if their previous rankings and forms say otherwise.

Serve the winners

Knowing about the big servers can help you make and profit from the best bets. In the men’s draw, many powerful hitters can keep runs short and won’t let opponents get a racket for the serve.

On the ATP site, you’ll get a breakdown of the biggest tennis servers in the men’s game. This will help you understand specific patterns in the game of certain players. As you research the service stats, you will also find that some large servers may have a hard time trying to break down their opponents.

The big players often dominate the whole serve, but find it difficult to make inroads if the tables are reversed. In such situations, they are less able and slower with their groundstrokes.

If two big servers are playing in a match, chances are the match will last longer. This opens the way for more betting on the full amount of play during a match, provided the prize offers value.

Start strong

Another important thing to consider in tennis tournaments is how the best tennis players conserve their energy at the start of an event. The best players have the ability to let off steam at the start of the round against opponents. It is undoubtedly related to the higher-ranking division. But it is also up to their zeal to stay fresh in critical phases.

Handicap betting is also worth considering in tennis matches like this. With proper careful study, you can identify when the underdog or whitewash has a good chance.

Bets on tournaments

The tennis tournament absolute winner market has many long shots that punters need to consider.

Keeping in mind the grip of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, it is worth considering the less popular matches for outright betting. Rankings can also determine favoritism for tennis events. But it should not be taken at face value.

Taking into account different things, such as times, recent form, tournament schedule, injuries, potential opponents, and underdog progress, it can help you pick the winner for betting. As already mentioned, some tennis players have a better ability to perform well in certain corners of the world, as well as on certain surfaces. These conditions must also be taken into account.

Knowing all about the players and the conditions of the match can help you pick the right results, provided you have a good chance of delivering value.


If you are planning to bet on your favorite sport, tennis, you need to consider the secrets mentioned by betting experts to improve your chances of winning. Even if you don’t hit a jackpot, you can surely win plenty of short bets during the tournament.

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