The kitchen’s guide to essential cooking tools and utensils

Cooking at home becomes easy when you have the right tools.

It is difficult to know which kitchen utensils are important and which are only used sometimes. Here are the necessities for any cooking beginner, products that you will use every day, or at least once a week in your own home kitchen. You will be ready to prepare your next dinner at home if you have the following items in your kitchen.


If you are going to cook you will need a knife. Get a chef’s knife if you only have the money and room for one knife. You will be using this knife for 90% of your meal prep, so invest in a good knife and take care of it. This is one of the few items that you’ll be glad you spent the money on. Choose a knife that you are most comfortable with. In your hand, it should be balanced, easy to grip and handle, not too heavy, but not fragile. Take care of it because you will be using it a lot.

It can be difficult to find professional knives in every home and living room store. If you can’t find it locally, consult a kitchen supply store to find a wider selection.

Cutting boards

A cutting board that sticks to the counter without slipping all over the place will keep your fingers safe while chopping veggies. To prepare various ingredients and avoid cross-contamination, we recommend having a few cutting boards or a set of plastic and wood cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards can be fully disinfected by placing them in the dishwasher.

Mixing bowls

To keep all of your belongings organized in the kitchen, you should have a set of prep bowls. If you buy flexible prep bowls, you’ll save a lot of space and have the convenience of coatings that can seal components that aren’t quite ready to cook just yet. On the other hand, glass prep bowls can be used as serving dishes!

There will be times when you need to combine many elements. A decent mixing bowl should be large enough to hold a fair amount of ingredients while still leaving enough space for mixing.

Mini food processor

Using a small food processor to speed up your prep work is a great way to save time, whether you’re cooking dinner for two or cooking meals like a pro. A full-size food processor may be worth the space in the kitchen, but a small food processor doesn’t take up as much, making it ideal for apartment kitchens or shared spaces.

Mini food processors are useful in any kitchen because they produce consistent results without the effort of hand chopping, and they don’t require any knife skills or knowledge of how to sharpen a knife for tasks such as chopping vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and cheeses, preparing homemade baby food, or making small amounts of dressing, pesto, salsa or sauces.

Silicone kitchen utensils

Scraping the food processor or sides of the mixing bowl, swirling the frosting over a cake, or folding the egg whites into the cake batter all require a silicone spatula. If your spatula is silicone rather than rubber, it can melt when exposed to intense heat. You may want to have a separate spatula for sweet cooking if you cook a lot of dishes with garlic.

Measuring cups and spoons

Measuring cups are vital for bakers, but they can also be used in everyday cooking. A set of four pieces can be used to measure dry ingredients and small amounts of liquid.

Even if you prefer to “eye gaze” on your measurements, having a set of measuring spoons handy will come in handy when you need precise measurements. They can also be used as teaspoons to scoop up spices and dried herbs! Pick a small set to put in spice jars and glue them together so you never lose a teaspoon or a tablespoon!


Mandolins are useful for getting perfectly even cuts, especially when making extra thin slices. While a sharp knife may suffice, mandolins provide precision and regularity. Everything from potatoes to a scalloped potato to eggplant to eggplant to parmesan, can be made with them. They should be able to slice ripe tomatoes without damaging or bruising the skin.

Storage containers

Foods and leftovers can be kept cool in the refrigerator using plastic containers. They can also be used for store and freeze leftovers. To give them even more variety, be sure to buy some that are also microwave safe.


A colander is an essential part of any kitchen for draining pasta, washing vegetables and green salads. It is an item that you will be using for a long time and it could not break even if you try it.

Slow cooker

Slow cookers are ideal for meal prep and cooking without intervention. They take a step back, but there is something nice about making it, forgetting about it and coming home for a hot, homemade supper.

Kitchen tool organizer

Finally, you will need a place to put all those utensils! While some can be stored in a drawer, others are best kept near the prep and cooking areas for quick access. You could have one in each cooking zone.

If you don’t have the necessary tools, quick cooking can quickly turn into a nightmare. To be successful in the kitchen, you don’t need world-class equipment or the most cutting-edge gadgets. Just keep the basics in mind and cook a delicious meal.

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