The effectiveness of content marketing

What first comes to your mind when you think about finding answers to various questions? Google first, or other favorite search engines. You are not alone, because Google answers more than 4 billion questions daily.

Nowadays, it is much better for many people to find solutions to their problems by writing the name of the problems in the search line. The links that appear on your screen after searching are all content. So whether they know it or not, people consume content every day.

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The purpose of content marketing

Content informs us, answers our questions, guides our decisions, entertains us and more. Its main goal is to attract, engage and gain customers. In a large market, SaaS companies can help customers find the best solutions to their problems and the right answers to their questions.

When you craft the right content marketing strategy, it can convince customers that the best solution to their problems is your business. If you are planning to improve the content marketing strategy for your business, there are many how-to videos from various marketers on YouTube and you can choose the most attractive youtube thumbnail, click on it and start your free lesson.

Examples of successful content marketing

Let’s take a look at some successful organizations that can inspire you and move your content marketing strategy forward.

  • Hubspot

Hubspot logo

Hubspot is a leader in SaaS content marketing. This site generates a large number of visitors each month and attracts them primarily by its quality content. Their blog provides educational material on marketing, sales and service, etc.

  • Neil patel

Neil Patel 444

Patel is a leader with the why of a problem or topic and is focused on educating his readers. The content here is human and accessible. This proves to its readers that the content they read is tried and tested, and trusted.

  • Kraken

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Being one of the best and leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Kraken educates its users on how to buy coins, how blockchain works and trading platforms using various videos, podcasts and blog guides. Kraken’s branding is colorful and very attractive compared to other famous exchange platforms.

It seems that Kraken is primarily aimed at the younger generation, who want to build their own finances. Many Gen Z users claim that the first thing that attracted them was the interface and the bright design and it wasn’t until after using them that they realized the benefits of Kraken.

  • Vidyard

Vidyard 49939

Vidyard is a video platform that finds suitable content marketing for its products. Using videos in content marketing is hard to imagine without Vidyard.

  • Moz

Moz - 4

Moz’s subject is primarily research and SEO. Their blog is organized by branding, optimization and SEO.

  • Derivative

Drift - 3982

It’s a great conversational marketing tool. The site does its content marketing by chatting with its customers in chatbots. A chatbot is created to align its content with its audience.

  • Zendesk

Zendesk 444

People are at the heart of the customer relationship. Zendesk tries to stay in close contact with its customers.

Taking all the points mentioned above into consideration, we have to state that by using the right content marketing strategy and showing that your business knows what it is about, your business can reach the highest peak of its success.

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