Take a closer look at spring 2021 necklace trends

Whether casual or formal, a look is never complete without a beautiful necklace. Necklaces are one of the most prominent jewelry pieces that help express the attitude of the person, beautify the neck area and complete the ensemble. Perfect to carry every season; necklaces never go out of style. They have become even more iconic now and can be seen in various collections of famous designers.

Since the dawn of time, we find necklaces in every era. From the sculpture of “The Dancer” to the stunning painting “Bocca Baciata” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, we see the exquisite designs on women of all shapes and sizes. Likewise, modern jewelry designers have taken inspiration from different eras and each year developed their own modern interpretations. From oversized chains to the addition of rock-sized gemstones to hammered pendants, everything about necklaces has changed from the old classic pieces we once wore. Here is the rest of the season. We’ve rounded up these big necklace trends for the spring 2021 season that you can get right now!

  1. Necklaces with crystals and precious stones

Gemstones have become increasingly popular in the spring 2021 collection, as designers opt for stone and crystal necklaces for a jewel and timeless look. Different shades of gemstones from rose quartz, purple amethyst, blue topaz and black Shungite necklaces have become great additions to pair with neutral or monotonous looks. In addition, one can wear a single row of beaded crystals or small club pendants of naturally shaped stones on gold chains to opt for a beach vibe.

  1. Necklaces with colorful beads

Wearing pearl necklaces throughout summer and spring is the perfect way to celebrate the seasons. It can be worn as necklaces or layered with a few other chains to achieve that perfect holiday look. Adding different pendants, stones and patterns to the necklace makes it a great addition to personalize it and create different looks with different outfits. One can go for rainbow colors which can be found in gemstones if they want a more refined look. Or rather, focus on neon lights or shiny blacks such as Shugnite jewelry for more focus if you’re wearing a white or beige top. Luxury brands have brought back the colorful trend to make their collection perfect for the spring season.

  1. Gold Plated Necklaces

In recent years, gold plated jewelry has gained a considerable number of followers; people can be seen wearing hoops, bracelets, anklets and necklaces in a warm tone. Because gold plated necklaces are so iconic and versatile, it is not necessary for a person to make multiple purchases of gold jewelry. One is enough to remove the entire wardrobe. Women can wear it in summer over crop tops and in winter if they wear it over turtlenecks or shirts. The reasons why you should invest in a decent gold plated necklace are endless, so grab one if you haven’t purchased it already.

  1. Linked channels

Yes, it’s true. We can find link chains as a trending designer worn from the summer of last year to this year in 2021. The famous look of tank tops and loose jeans with chain links in cooler and warmer tones became more and more popular, influenced by legendary rappers. Big celebrities can be seen wearing the real deal, but they can easily be spotted at Primark or Walmart. It’s a perfect upgrade if you want to look chic without trying, all you need is a few thick and thin chain links on top of each other, and you’re good to go.

  1. Pendants with Initials

A classic jewelry trend that has grown over the years is to wear stylish personalized necklaces. It’s a nice addition to your jewelry collection as it quickly catches the eye of the passer-by, which is a great way to make your dress stand out even more. People started to select unusual fonts to get their initials, which have less of a vintage feel and are more appropriate for casual outerwear. They can be engraved on a pendant in the shape of a coin or a thin plate, which makes them more elegant as they are attached to the chain. Gen Z has been building up this trend lately and will use it to challenge all fashion standards on Instagram. Of course, one can always go back to a pendant with initials if they want a more personalized look, especially on first dates as they are a great icebreaker for having interesting conversations. You can always look back to cherish these memories if you choose to keep this necklace for a very, very long time.

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