Should Lawyers Buy Leads?

For a law firm to remain profitable, a constant flow of clients must be channeled into the business. There are many ways to keep the flow of your customers healthy, and buying leads is definitely an option. In most cases, however, there are better ways to boost business. From the perspective of a legal marketing firm that has worked with law firms across the country, buying leads is usually not the best use of your marketing budget.

Can a lawyer legally buy leads?

The American Bar Association has a specific rule regarding the purchase of legal leads. Lawyers are allowed to buy leads from lead generation companies, as long as the rules are carefully followed.

For starters, the business that generates leads cannot in any way imply that they are recommending one lawyer over another. This means that the lead generator should use intentionally vague language when searching for leads. They can say things like, “If you want to know more about your rights in a personal injury case, please fill out this form,” but they can’t say “Give us your details and we’ll put you in touch with Big Al, the best lawyer in the state of Texas.

Lead generation companies should also refrain from suggesting that they have made any effort to analyze the legal situation of the potential client. They also cannot state that they are sending the lead to the best lawyer to meet the needs of the potential client.

Consumers are savvy when it comes to any type of lead generation

As more businesses turn to buying bulk leads online, customers have become savvy about this type of shotgun marketing. Many are reluctant to fill out interest forms online without a clear understanding of how this information will be used. Most everyone understands the hassle of an email inbox filled with unnecessary marketing messages.

Lead generation services can deliver numbers, but most of those numbers result in lower quality leads. Worse yet, this approach can discourage many potential clients who will never reach your firm’s online “door”. There are better ways to get potential clients to learn more about your law firm and all it has to offer.

Online leads should be screened and processed

Many lawyers are drawn to the promise of getting hundreds of leads for a relatively small investment. In reality, it doesn’t matter how many prospects arrive if only a small percentage of those prospects are converted into flesh-and-blood customers.

The leads generated by online businesses are often of poor quality. Many businesses are playing the numbers game, gathering leads from all corners of the internet without filtering or selection.

When they give you the leads, someone in your office has to jump through the hoops to make contact and learn more about the individual’s legal circumstances. Often times, these leads turn out to be unnecessary, either because they can’t be traced back to a living person who is breathing, or because the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t actually have a case.

Ultimately, the time invested in researching the details of purchased leads would often be better invested in other marketing efforts.

What’s the best way to generate high quality leads?

If you hope to attract more clients to your practice, consider tactics that connect directly with people in your community. The internet is a great place to find quick answers, a used car, or a fun video, but most people still enjoy face-to-face interactions when looking for professional services.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Volunteer to talk about legal issues at community events
  • Network at nonprofit events, trade shows or trade shows
  • Create or develop your local marketing strategies
  • Consider creating a radio or TV ad
  • Give your business cards and printed marketing materials a makeover
  • Boost Your Website Content By Incorporating Well-Written Blog Entries

Prospective clients often want to see clear value in their choices, and a cohesive marketing strategy gives law firms plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that value. Fortunately, there are legal marketing companies with a proven track record that can assess your current marketing efforts, define your business goals, and develop a personalized strategy that will get the most out of your marketing investment.

If you are looking for ways to expand your client list and keep your law firm healthy, consider partnering with a legal marketing firm that has worked with law firms across the country to strengthen the lead flow and increase overall profits. Online Marketing is a dynamic and fast paced industry and working with a team of marketing professionals allows you to focus on what you do best knowing that high quality leads will come your way using techniques. organic marketing.

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