Rent a hotel room in these countries to start mining crypto!

Since the inception of cryptocurrency, more and more people have started mining Bitcoin. They do this to make money, of course. However, in some cases this is not possible due to the high energy costs associated with Ripple mining. Nevertheless, in a few countries, you will certainly make money by mining cryptocurrencies. This is for example possible in China, where a large part of Bitcoins are mined at the moment. Other good countries where you could rent a hotel room to start mining Cardano are mentioned below.


Fairly quickly, Iceland has turned into a mining paradise. This has several different reasons. For example, to power plants, the region offers cool temperatures and a lot of cheap geothermal energy. With 100% renewable choices, Iceland also enables miners to significantly reduce the environmental impact of their operations. In this European country, you will be able to reduce your energy costs, while maintaining a low-cost advantage. For this reason, it is certainly a good idea to rent a room at a luxury hotel in Iceland where you can start mining for whatever crypto you want.


Russia has some of the cheapest electricity in the world and focuses on producing less polluting electricity like natural gas, nuclear and hydropower, with coal accounting for just 18% of the country’s electricity production. Russian President Vladimir Putin is also reportedly seeking to maximize the country’s resources. Additionally, Putin has also met Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, in the past. As a result of this meeting, Dmitry Marinchev, a trusted ally of the President, built a large crypto mining operation in Russia. Additionally, the Kremlin has suggested in the past that cryptocurrency miners will receive subsidized power.


The Republic of Georgia has taken cryptocurrency acceptance to the next level. In addition to the widespread use of cryptocurrencies in Georgia, the nation has collaborated with mining giant BitFury to launch a blockchain platform to build a registry of property rights, making Georgia the first jurisdiction in the world to use. blockchain technology to register land titles. While BitFury’s electricity spending is kept under wraps, the average cost of electricity in Tbilisi is around US $ 0.08 per kWh. Georgia is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency mining sites in the world, due to low electricity costs and little to no taxes.


Canada is still a newcomer to the world of crypto mining, but more and more miners are seeing the Great White North as an alternative to China for example. After all, North America is a great place for mining because there is high speed internet, while the cost of electricity is also low. On top of that, there are often cool temperatures in Canada. HashChain is a mining company that is already located in Vancouver, where it mainly focuses on DASH mining. However, Quebec is also an exciting city for mining companies, where Hydro-Quebec offers a great and unique opportunity for crypto miners.

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