Practical tips for hiring a real estate agent in Toronto

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It is extremely important that you work with a reputable real estate agent when buying or selling a home. It is important that you are working with someone who is both experienced and ethical.

How do you choose the right Toronto real estate agent for the job when facing the biggest deal of your life? With nearly 50,000 agents to choose from, how do you make sure you’re hiring the best of the best?

Hire skills.

It’s different from selling a skyscraper to an old Toronto house through a Toronto real estate agent. The role of a representative for a buyer is very different from that of a representative for a seller. Buying a commercial property is very different from buying a residential property. Does your potential real estate agent have the expertise you are looking for?

Don’t work with a real estate agent who has a second job.

It is not uncommon for real estate agents to work long hours, 7 days a week. They inspect properties and neighborhoods when not working with clients and keep abreast of what’s going on in the market when not working with clients. These part-time agents aren’t hard to find (and just as valuable as those full-time agents, at least to them!)

You shouldn’t be working with your family or friends.

Everyone knows someone in real estate, or worse, knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who just got their license – but business and friendship rarely mix. By all means, fire your friend if you can do it without damaging your friendship. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

Find out their opinions.

When looking for real estate agents, read more than the reviews they have posted on their own websites. You can consider searching on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

Check out their Ranking, a site that reviews real estate agents. By cross-checking each testimony with the transaction associated with it, Rank My Agent verifies the authenticity of each review. You won’t find any friends or uncles posting fake reviews here!

Make sure you do your research.

Be sure to do your own research after selecting a few Toronto real estate agents. When looking for the best real estate agent in Toronto, check out their website: how are you feeling? How professional is the website? Or is it a cookie cutter website provided by the brokerage? Indicate whether or not you want this person to represent you.

Do they have a lot of sales in their transaction history? The professional success of an agent is determined by his transaction history.

Make the most of technology.

The internet offers a plethora of instant options for finding a real estate agent in Toronto, especially if you are relying on referrals and sales signs.

It’s possible to find the best marketers, with lots of followers who work for companies like yours, using apps that automate tedious tasks like sifting through sales reports and finding marketing companies.

Follow your instincts.

In addition to their skills and experience, agents should be willing to transparently guide you through the process. Above all, choose a real estate agent with whom you are comfortable and who will support you if the road to closure seems rocky.

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