Overwhelming Conversion Goals 101: 6 Ways To Convert New Visitors To Customers

Suppose you just had an incredibly successful social media marketing or SEO campaign and now your website is inundated with new visitors. Fish smell the bait, but how do you get them to bite? Unfortunately, not all of the traffic in the world will mean much if you struggle to convert that interest into sales.

Don’t worry, though. You can increase your conversion rate by implementing what is called conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is a series of strategies and tools that, when applied to your website, will help you turn your prospects into customers. Think of it this way: If the traffic to your site was aimed at targeting, the conversion rate optimization hits the target. If you’re ready to boost your online sales and crush your conversion goals, here are six methods for you.

Hire a conversion optimization agency

Frugal business leaders may already smell their pockets, but don’t dismiss the idea of ​​outside help so quickly. Think about your team. Is there anyone you could afford to do on their current project to do hours of research, testing, and data research? This is where online conversion experts like those at Ampry Come in.

You may be skeptical of what kind of ROI you can manage by outsourcing to a CRO agency, but think about what your business could do with a 1-5% increase in revenue online. If your online conversions are at a breakneck pace, this may be worth checking out.

Make a customer’s first visit worth it

When you are fair visit of an e-commerce site for the first time, it can be difficult to know if you want to buy from them or not. You might want to dig around the site a bit, read some reviews, or browse the permissions section. Often times, it only takes a quick push to convert a beginner explorer into a paying customer.

Every time someone visits your site for the first time, you want to show them that you value their traffic. After all, it probably took a lot of effort to get their attention to your page. Show your appreciation for their visit by offering a discount on their first purchase. This strategy kills two birds with one stone. It entices your prospect to spend money and gives you an email address to market later.

Let previous customers leave reviews

Maybe you know your product or service is great, but a first-time visitor won’t be so sure. Providing your old customers with a forum to discuss their experience can help new prospects feel reassured in their decision to buy from you. If you get a bad review, it also gives you the chance to show off your business values ​​by responding publicly with top notch customer service.

Send reminder emails for abandoned carts

Shopping online means having dozens of different web pages and other distractions that grab your attention all the time, not to mention the distractions in the real world. It’s easy to get sidetracked and leave items in your online shopping cart. Send a friendly reminder to customers who fill their cart without going to checkout. Hopefully, your email might be a nice reminder of something they were planning on getting before they forgot.

Boost your online customer service

When you visit a store in person, a smiling employee usually greets you. Likewise, if you are standing in one place looking confused, an employee will ask if you need help. This human element is a valuable asset in converting real customers who otherwise might have come away empty-handed. By incorporating a live customer support chat into your website design, you can replicate the hands-on experience of a brick and mortar.

Don’t minimize data

Hard numbers are the bread and butter of a business owner. The conversion numbers are probably the reason why you are reading this article now. This data can also help you optimize the experience of your new visitors in a sales funnel. Pay attention to first-time behavior on your website: which pages do new prospects visit most often? At what point in the conversion do they give up or continue? If you can, try offering quick user experience surveys for additional insight.

Tee shot

Sales can make or break a business. This is why it can be so frustrating to have tons of new traffic that doesn’t convert. Using these strategies, you can lead a horse to the watering place and it will happily drink on its own.

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