Outsourced or internal SEO

SEO, as we all know, is an essential tool for ranking your website higher in search results. This article will take a look at outsourced and in-house SEO, their respective pros and cons, and find out which one is best for your business.

Outsourced SEO:

Outsourced SEO is when you outsource the tasks of an SEO to an entrepreneur, team of experts, or a third party like a social media agency, digital agency, etc. that is not part of your organization. Let’s take a look at its benefits.

Profitable: Often times, it is economical to hire a team of SEO experts instead of looking for alternatives in-house. You will also be paying your internal employees, which can cost you more than having them outside.

Specialization: SEO is a difficult skill to master. It is a series of both on-site and off-site processes that require a wide range of expertise. You may or may not find such a diverse array of talent in your organization, so outsourcing to a top digital agency is a better idea.

Save Time: Hiring a third party for SEO can save you time. You can devote your energies elsewhere while the experts of a digital marketing agency service do their job.

Disadvantages of outsourced SEO:

Let’s take a look at the downsides of SEO outsourcing.

Finding the Right Business: You may or may not find the right business with the perfect blend of professionalism and expertise. The wrong business will waste your time and money.

Loss of confidentiality: A stranger will have access to all your key data, trade secrets, etc. There is a risk of compromising the confidentiality of the data and their leakage.

Internal referencing:

It’s the complete opposite of outsourcing, where you assign additional SEO responsibilities to your existing staff or hire new ones for this purpose. Let’s take a look at its advantages first, then its disadvantages.

Better Communication: As employees, these experts are available to you at all times and you can talk to them whenever you want without any hindrance before, during and after the SEO process.

No loss of confidentiality: Your data is safe with you; it will not happen to third parties.

More control over the process: The SEO team is more indebted to you here than an outsourced team.

Disadvantages of internal SEO:

Here are some of the downsides to this process.

Difficult Hiring: Whether you want to hire full-time SEO experts or give additional responsibilities to your existing staff, it will be costly to give them salaries with all the perks.

Time-consuming: Internal SEO can take longer to complete as the staff are here to stay and won’t have to complete other SEO assignments.

Last words:

Both types of SEO have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, and you can either do one for your business. You can go for outsourcing when you don’t have the budget, time, and skills for the job. There is also a Budget Control Matrix where you can opt for internal SEO if you have a high budget and want more control over the process. Conversely, you can opt for SEO outsourcing while doing online marketing in Thailand.

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