Ombre eyelashes: the colorful eyelash extensions you’re going to want to try

Colorful mascara may make you feel like a ’90s throwback – and not in a good way – but if you’ve ever been tempted to venture beyond the boring old black and brown, there’s a new one. trend for eyelashes in town you might want to try: ombre lashes.

How do you get ombre lashes, though?

Well, you’re definitely not going to get it with mascara, that’s for sure. The mascara, you see, is designed to cover the entire lash from root to tip, while the ombre lashes are colored only at the tip with the rest of the lashes remaining brown, black or whatever your shade is. natural. It’s a slightly more subtle variation on the mermaid or “unicorn” lashes you’ve probably seen splashed all over the internet lately, but it’s surprisingly effective, with that little bit of color helping to lift your eyes and to bring out your color.

So how do you get them if not with mascara?

You can try to replicate the effect with eyelash tint, of course, but, even if it worked, it still won’t give you the full, flowing lashes you always wanted. The answer? Ombre color eyelash extensions. These are just like regular eyelash extensions you might have tried before, with that all-important pop of color added to the tip.

They are available in almost every shade imaginable and just like your favorite eyeliner or shadow, the colors help to highlight your eye color and make your eyes look bigger and wider. They are a trendy alternative to brown or black lashes, and although you will have to get them professionally applied, they are a lot less complicated than mascara.

What are the benefits of colored eyelash extensions?

Apart from adding trendy color, ombre color eyelash extensions also have the added benefit of making your natural lashes look longer, fuller, and more curly. They eliminate the need for mascara, letting you get up and go, knowing your lashes will look great, all day long. Like any other type of eyelash extension, ombré eyelash extensions will last about as long as your natural eyelash lifecycle, which can be up to 6-8 weeks, with proper care. (Regular refills will make them last even longer!)

They require minimal maintenance – just try to keep them dry and comb them out quickly every now and then, and you’re good to go. They’re great for people with short or thin lashes, and while ombre eyelash extensions can look high impact, they can actually be as subtle or as bold as you want, depending on the colors you choose and the color you want. distribution of eyelashes. There’s just one problem: once you’ve tried them, you might well decide that you can’t live without them!

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