Namecheap review: 10 pros and cons you should know in 2023

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NameCheap Offers 2023
You will find that the number of Namecheap hosting users in 2023 reached 10 million users.
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  • You will find that the number of Namecheap hosting users in 2023 reached 10 million users. Is the secret of the spread and success of Namecheap hosting the low prices it offers or the technical quality this is the question that we will answer in today’s comprehensive guide, where we will review the apparent advantages and disadvantages from our experience hosting Namecheap directly, prices, frequently asked questions, alternatives, and other important points, so be sure to read the guide to the end?

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  • Explanation of NameCheap:

  • Namecheap is an independent company “not affiliated with another company” that was founded in 2001 by Richard Kirkendall, who is the CEO of the company until now.
  • And in 2010, Richard Kirkendall announced that Namecheap had reached 3 million specialized domains, and today the number of Namecheap users has reached 10 million users worldwide.
  • That company began to reserve the domain in a specialized way, but then it began to gradually expand in web services until it became almost all different web services (domain, hosting, security certificate, …..).
  • The most famous point of Namecheap hosting is the low prices that make everyone search for a review of the company’s services, and this is what we will present to you in detail in the coming paragraphs.
  • Features of NameCheap hosting:

  • The advantages of hosting: in general, are summarized in the available services, their suitability for you, the average hosting operating period during the year, hosting speed, prices, quality, and the extent of assistance available to new customers, and this makes you judge whether hosting is the best for you or not?
  • Simple user interface
  • Some web users may not have sufficient experience to deal with hosting and domain services, but Namecheap’s interface is simple and straightforward and you do not need much experience in order to deal with it.
  • Free domain:
  • Namecheap offers a free domain with all its hosting plans for a year, which in turn reduces the total cost of creating a new website.
  • All NameCheap domains also come with a free year of WhoisGuard service, “a service that works to protect your privacy and hide your domain details,” which is a service provided by most companies at a separate price.
  • The site’s readiness for operation is the most important factor affecting hosting. If the site does not work, the rest of the features will not be of any importance. Namecheap hosting offers excellent uptime of 99.97% as a general average in the past twelve months, and you will find that in most months the uptime rate reaches 100%.
  • Good load time
  • Site loading time or site speed is the second most important factor after site readiness, because, in the recent period, Google has linked site speed as a primary factor in ranking articles.
  • And Google published statistics recently showing that the bounce rate reaches 100% if the download period of the site exceeds 6 seconds only, and naturally, if you go to a site and it takes a long time during the download, you will return to Google and choose a second site.
  • Namecheap hosting has been able to achieve an average speed of 445 ms in the past twelve months, which is a good speed.
  • Unlimited hosting:
  • Namecheap shared hosting has unlimited bandwidth, and bandwidth is the data transfer rate from inside to outside the server, and this means that there is no limit to the number of monthly visitors on your site.
  • As for the storage space on the server, it is also unlimited in shared hosting, but it is not suitable for storing files as it is subject to a fair use policy.
  • Namecheap hosting provides a cPanel control panel:

  • Most customers look for any hosting on the cPanel control panel because it has an easy-to-use user interface and enables you to manage files in a simple way, control e-mail, manage the database, access the backup manager and Softaculous Application Manager, and it fully supports the Arabic language.
  • Namecheap hosting provides you with a free cPanel control panel with all kinds of hosting services that it offers.
  • Free SSL Certificates: SSL certificates are important for maintaining the security of your site’s data, as they encrypt the data transferred between the visitor and the browser, and enable you to use the HTTPS web protocol, which is definitely a source of trust for the visitor, so most different websites, especially online stores, need them.You can also get SSL certificates separately at a cost starting from $8.88 per year, which is a reasonable price.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee:
  • Namecheap hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee service from the time of activating the hosting, and this is a very sufficient time through which you can try hosting and make sure that it is suitable for you.After we reviewed all the advantages of hosting Namecheap, let us present to you the disadvantages of that hosting that we encountered during use.
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