Marketing tips to grow your business in 2021

The world is changing every day and digital marketing is transforming with it, adapting to new realities. There is an active transition of the business to the Web. At the same time, given the difficult conditions, marketers are forced to optimize advertising budgets or redistribute them between channels. In 2021, new trends emerge in digital marketing, and the position of proven work tools is strengthened.

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Use of bonuses

Bonuses are all of those freebies that customers receive from businesses. A buyer will buy the product from companies that have great deals. Each gift is appreciated for its benefit, value, or ability to make the customer’s life easier.

Some companies offer different conditions, for example, variety of bonuses in casinos is offered to replenish an account with a certain amount. Some organizations take a different path and offer to choose a gift to buy or a service for the buyer from any product line. Often times, customers are drawn to discounts and free shipping of goods, but today customers aren’t as interested in it.

Company bonuses can be obtained without any conditions, or they are granted when certain conditions are met:

  • registration of a special card;
  • fulfillment of the seller’s condition: payment for the goods by bank transfer, automatic withdrawal of purchases, placing an order within the allotted time;
  • buy a specific product.

The company can use the bonuses permanently or during a certain period (public holidays, date of birth, company anniversary, etc.).

End-to-end analysis

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Developing its activity, each company follows a certain path with the help of various analytical methods that can be conditionally divided into several stages:

  1. Coverage analysis, when the apparent metrics are measured – the number of impressions, clicks, likes, subscribers, etc. However, these proxy indicators do not provide an understanding of what affects sales and how.
  2. Analysis of conversion paths. The company uses advertising platforms that track the number of leads from one source or another. However, this is often not enough for a true ROI assessment, as every call or request doesn’t turn into a sale, and KPIs are collected across different platforms.
  3. End-to-end analysis. This method allows you to analyze the effectiveness of marketing investments on each channel, by tracking all interactions with a customer on the path to purchase: from viewing ads to placing an order and paying.

For end-to-end analysis, data from advertising sources, communication channels, and CRM systems is used, and the analysis measures marketing ROI, taking into account sales made, rather than just requests.

The complexity of implementing end-to-end analytics can lie in collecting and combining all the data related to actual paid orders and completed sales, as well as costs and results of advertising campaigns. However, this will allow you to determine the best performing channels at each stage of the sales funnel, get an objective estimate of the cost of your advertising campaigns, and develop other budget allocation strategies.

Tighten search engine optimization

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Previously, when there were far fewer sites, the main task of search engines was to find pages with text that matched the user’s request. Now, search engines are striving among many web resources to offer users the best option: a convenient, high-quality, trustworthy site with relevant content. This is why in recent years, clear transformations can be observed in search engine optimization.

Today, the majority of users access the site through search engines. This is why SEO remains an important part of your marketing strategy. Optimize it taking into account the new realities, and you will get significant search traffic:

  • choose the right set of keywords for each page;
  • adapt the site to modern trends, from the mobile version to the possibility of finding your resource using a voice assistant or a chatbot;
  • follow best practices for improving search engine optimization, including working on quality content, improving site usability, and eliminating technical errors that affect rankings.

With our guidance, you can determine the best performing channels at each stage of the sales funnel, get an objective estimate of the cost of your ad campaigns, and develop new strategies for allocating development budgets.

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