Life in the Caribbean – the new trend for the ultra-rich

In 2021, 24% of extremely wealthy people have a second nationality. At the same time, interest in citizenship-by-investment programs has increased by 50%, according to the Asset report 2021.

The main reason for this trend is the COVID pandemic. After all, a second passport often offers many more possibilities for fast and visa-free travel to a significant number of other countries. Another reason is that political conflicts are burning all over Earth – second citizenship allows you to be much less dependent on your home government and its decisions.

Citizenship by investment: seaside resorts attract the most

Investing in real estate to get a second passport is one of the most popular ways to acquire another nationality. And in 2020, various resorts and country houses have become leaders in securing contributions from international funds – coastal and suburban real estate are now preferred by 47% and 56% of all investors.

Caribbean Passport – Saint Lucia Variants

the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program stands out in the Caribbean passport market. This country offers its citizens:

  • zero taxation of global income, wealth, inheritance and dividends
  • passports for all family members in just 3 to 5 months
  • travel visa-free (or obtain a visa on arrival) to over 146 countries around the world
  • citizenship for parents and children of the investor
  • long-term access to the United States and Canada
  • absolute confidentiality of obtaining citizenship
  • registration completely remotely.

To get a Saint Lucia passport for real estate investments, you need to invest $ 300,000 in one of the projects approved by the government of the country. But, of course, the program also offers other options:

  • Contribution to the National Fund: $ 100,000.
  • Investment in government bonds: from $ 250,000.
  • Investment in a business: from $ 1,000,000.
  • Buy a COVID-19 rescue bond: from $ 250,000.

Using the Saint Lucia program, you can get citizenship within 3 to 5 months. At the same time, if you with the help of a licensed migration agency, such as the international company Migronis, the whole process will take place in four simple steps:

  1. Contract. Migronis specialists carry out a free pre-selection of the investor in order to minimize the possibility of refusal to grant citizenship.
  2. Prepare documents. Migronis experts will process 99% of all documents. The investor only has to provide the necessary documents and sign the prepared questionnaires. Everything else, including translation, apostille, training and preparation of the application, will be handled by Migronis.
  3. Wait for approval. The government of Saint Lucia verifies investment program applications for 3-5 months. Sometimes representatives may request additional documents – their preparation and dispatch is also handled by Migronis professionals.
  4. Get passports. Everything is ready. You can get your passports.

Please note! All of these steps take place remotely, which is particularly important during a pandemic.

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