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Protecting the interior and exterior of your home from damage due to natural disasters, vandalism, theft and other types of destruction should be a priority for you. After all, your home is the most important investment of your life that you can’t afford to waste. Saint-Ange insurance Agents suggested that every homeowner should purchase a home insurance policy to remain financially protected against any loss resulting from damage to their home. Not only your home, but you can also cover your property under the policy. Such is the importance of home insurance that any mortgage company would ask their customers to have the home adequately covered for protection for the full purchase price of the property. No loans are available for home buyers who do not purchase a home insurance policy.

The term landlord used in home insurance includes anyone who stays on the property even in rent and not just those who own the home. For tenants, protecting their belongings from damage or theft is the primary goal of purchasing home insurance.

Provisions of a home insurance policy

You can create your own home insurance as you wish as it is fully customizable. However, some standard policy items cover disaster damage by providing financial protection, although you may not be able to get exact replacement for damaged items.

Exterior and interior damage to the house

You must include all possibilities of damage to your home due to lightning, flooding, hurricanes, vandalism, earthquakes and other disasters in order for you to receive compensation from the insurance company to repair or rebuild the house. To cover damage caused by floods and earthquakes, you must purchase additional coverage through endorsements as the primary policy does not contain any. The same goes for free-standing structures like garden sheds and garages, like appendages to the main house.

Coverage includes clothing, appliances, furniture, and most other household items if they sustain damage from a policy-covered disaster. The offsite range is also available, which means that you will receive compensation if you lose jewelry outside of your home.

Personal liability for injuries and damages

To protect yourself against lawsuits brought by third parties, you must take out liability coverage. This also includes your pets. If your dog bites someone in your home or anywhere off the premises, the insurance company will pay the injured person’s medical expenses. If your children damage an item in your neighbor’s house, such as breaking window glass while they are training football, the insurance company will pay for it.

Renting a house or hotel during a home renovation

Home insurance policies also provide coverage for the costs of policyholders if they choose to stay in a rented house or hotel while their home is being renovated or remodeled. Known as additional living expenses, this is optional coverage.

You will receive reimbursement for costs incurred during your stay in rented accommodation or at the hotel until your accommodation becomes habitable again.

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