It’s time to further develop technological solutions for the modern era

What your business should be prepared for when developing an app

Doing business online has become the cornerstone of running a successful business in the 21st century. That being said, jumping online has never been more crucial than it is now.

Remote working and social distancing have created a segmented world, socially and economically, which has fueled the acceleration towards remote business models. The key to making these business models work is, of course, cutting edge technology.

Here are the aspects to develop for your company’s technology solutions, starting with;

Smart networking

The heart of a successful business, one might say, is its ability to optimize its networking. There is no point in having state-of-the-art computers if they are not networked in a way that allows them to be used to their full potential.

Networking can mean anything from picking a better router for a small business to buying the latest generation of switches for a huge office complex. This is not to say that for remote work solutions you may need to consider central hubs to work from, such as cloud-based storage solutions beyond the potential of Google Drive and iCloud. .

Taking a serious look at how your employees work with their machines and how you handle your data remotely can be a way to take your business to the next level.

Let’s not forget the waiters

Ultimately, the need for an exceptional network comes with the need for an equally exceptional server.

While having your own server is a bit of a niche requirement, it is increasingly common for businesses to purchase their own server. This is opposed to the rental of server space. The benefits are better control of your data, a more flexible storage solution and the ability to adapt your workspaces accordingly.

Having your own server also has the advantage of always having dedicated storage and being able to diagnose and repair your server without needing a third party (usually). This can lead to less downtime and a more streamlined business.

Some excellent server choices exist on ETB technology. For example, Dell Tower server options are extensive with everything from Dell PowerEdge T130 to high-end Dell PowerEdge T440; with two Bronze 3106 Eight-Core processors among other impressive specifications! Click here to see their full selection.

Keep your digital spaces productive

While hardware is important, software used by businesses can often be overlooked or forgotten. There’s a reason productivity software has become more popular over the past decade. It’s about working smart as well as hard.

Just as networking is crucial to the proper functioning of the various devices your employees will be using, the software on those devices is just as important. Granted, many software packages will be industry specific like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro, but that doesn’t mean all are.

Software like Slack, ClickUp, the full Microsoft Office suite and countless others are designed to help with office productivity in all kinds of organizations.

Taking ClickUp as an example, it integrates note taking, tasks, and project management into one seamless workspace. Creating unique projects, task lists, project IDs with color coded management, date and time based deadlines and the ability to organize hundreds of projects at once makes ClickUp (and other similar software) invaluable in today’s era.

Think big and don’t limit your potential

Overall, the way businesses operate today has changed from five years ago. And without a doubt, five years from now it will be radically different from what it is today.

But that’s the nature of business.

With this in mind, staying on top of or just behind the technology curve will help your business adapt to the future; it doesn’t matter what “next” may be for your industry.

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