Introducing Benefits of owning a KOM token

BTC is currently selling for $ 40,000 +. Less than a decade ago, this guy cost less than $ 1. Imagine if you had bought it then; who knows what your net worth would be right now. Maybe big enough to reserve a space on Bezos New Shepherd private rocket.

Either way, we’re not here to talk about bitcoin. But rather about something that can give you an opportunity similar to the one you missed when Bitcoin first launched.

I’m talking about a token called Kommunitas ($ KOM).

Introducing - Benefits of owning a KOM token

What is Kommunitas?

Communities – The first launch pad without level – is a decentralized solution for multi-chain oriented projects, connecting a new organic means of fundraising through blockchains.

It’s a platform where developers (people who build tokens) come to launch, market, and fundraise for their projects.

Do you know what tokens are? Tokens are cryptocurrencies that do not have their own blockchain but live on another blockchain.

If you are a cryptocurrency developer, Kommunitas is a great place to come and update your projects. However, if you are just a random guy looking to make money with the cryptocurrency space, then you should know that Kommunitas has something for you too.

As a launch platform, Kommunitas also has its own tokens, which anyone can own and hold like any other cryptocurrency. This token is called the Kommunitas token, and it is referred to as $ KOM.

Now you might be thinking, what makes $ KOM different from all those tokens and coins you’ve bought over the past few years? Well, for starters, $ KOM isn’t your average crypto token. And I’m going to show you how beneficial $ KOM can be for your cryptocurrency wallet.

Benefits of owning a KOM token

  1. You have a voice on the Kommunitas platform

Holders of KOM tokens will have the right to vote for the future development of the Kommunitas platform and all projects that will be launched on its platform.

Don’t know how it benefits you? Well, that means you have the option to decide whether a new project (token) goes live or not.

Someone might say, “But the project is not mine; why should I bother to interfere with its launch? True. But don’t you think that you could become a future investor in one of the launched projects?

If you and the Kommunitas community deem a project feasible and decide to vote unanimously to launch it, when the project is launched, you will have the option to purchase it at its inception. And as such, would benefit greatly from any future pump.

  1. Bet $ KOM and win great rewards

KOM token holders will also be able to wager their tokens and earn an attractive return on the Kommunitas platform and the platform of other partners.

In other words, holding $ KOM allows you to wager and earn great rewards on all platforms that support Kommunitas.

  1. A chance to buy tokens at first-hand prices

From time to time, token projects are launched on the Kommunitas platform. By holding $ KOM, you are giving yourself the rare chance to purchase new tokens at first-hand (i.e. upon launch) price.

For those who may not understand the implications of this, let’s give a concrete example. 1 ETH cost only 0.3 USD on its ICO in 2014? That’s 10,000x if you compare it to the current price. It is the power to buy tokens at a first hand price.

  1. Guaranteed token allocation

On most launch pads, when a new token project is launched, only holders with a minimum number of platform tokens are assigned the new token. For example, let’s say the platform token is called XXX. When a new token project is launched, the Launchpad rule can be that only holders with up to 1 XXX can purchase the new token.

On Kommunitas, however, it’s not like that. Everyone is entitled to a newly launched token, regardless of the size of their existing token wallet.

In summary, by staking KOM, users will get guaranteed allocation of a newly launched token, and thanks to its tierless system, users don’t need to have minimum KOM tokens for guaranteed allocation.

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