How to watch free episodes of HBO Max

Gone are the days when mindlessly browsing TV channels was our only source of media input. With the surge in OTT and streaming service platforms, entertainment has entered a new era and information has found distinct mediums to cover various verticals. Even though they say good things come at a price, the best OTT and web streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more, come with free trials for new users, extending the free and unlimited entertainment.

While a few services like HBO Max, the latest addition to the streaming platform market, no longer come with an official free trial period, there are ways to stream free episodes.

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Access to a free sample for new users

Even if HBO Max No longer necessarily offers a free trial, the company recently announced the launch of in-app sampling. This feature allows non-subscribers to watch free episodes of HBO Max Originals and HBO shows. So, for those who aren’t willing to pay $ 14.99 per month for a subscription, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the ad-free (or ad-supported at $ 9.99 / month) content of HBO Max. .

Viewers can stream up to 13 pilots from HBO and HBO Max series like Batwoman, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Harley Quinn, Lovecraft Country, Love Life, Perry Mason, Raised By Wolves, The Flight Attendant, Titans, Veneno, Warrior and Doom Patrol. The HBO Max website has a special section on free episodes to allow easy access for all users.

Free HBO Max with Amazon and Hulu

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Get the best of both worlds with a combo subscription to enjoy free HBO Max content with Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Amazon Prime Video also allows users to get HBO Max as an additional channel with their regular subscription by unlocking a 7-day free trial for HBO Max. While this channel does not offer a diverse catalog of shows and movies as a stand-alone subscription, primary users can stream the the most popular HBO series like His Dark Materials, The Undoing, Lovecraft Country, Game of Thrones, and more.

Hulu users can choose their base plan (starting at $ 5.99 / month) and add HBO Max to their Hulu account to unlock unlimited entertainment for seven days. After which, users will be required to pay the regular subscription fee of $ 14.99 per month, unless canceled before the free trial ends.

Free HBO Max with AT&T

ATT and HBO Max

Another chance to get a free HBO Max subscription is via AT&T. Since Warner Media, the company that owns HBO, is in turn owned by AT&T, the company offers HBO and HBO Max as a free (or discounted) service to its customers.

If you are an AT&T Unlimited Elite user or AT&T TV Premier customer, along with a few selected AT&T subscriptions, HBO Max will be part of your package. Additionally, DirecTV (owned by AT&T) is offering HBO Max free for one year to new users who sign up for their Choice or Ultimate plans. Even if you don’t have the AT&T subscription listed, you can still get a free trial. Users can check the list of relevant packages and more details on AT&T official website.

Upgrade to HBO Max for free

If you are an existing user of HBO Now, the on-demand HBO streaming platform, you may have the option to upgrade to HBO Max at no additional cost. HBO Max costs the same as HBO Now, but offers a much larger collection of movies and TV shows, so it’s definitely worth the upgrade. This upgrade, however, is limited to specific users.

Only customers who have subscribed to HBO Now directly from the official site and are billed by HBO will be eligible for this upgrade. If you subscribed through third-party platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Roku, you cannot upgrade your subscription for free. However, you are eligible for a 7-day free trial with Amazon Prime Video, as mentioned above.

The entertainment won’t stop when you have access to streaming your favorite shows on multiple devices, wherever you go. So, improve your media consumption with HBO Max and unlock uninterrupted ad-free streaming of the latest shows and movies for free.