How To Make Money Online Using YouTube

Make Money On YouTube - Make Money Online From Home
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These days, virtually all Millennials are gaining their independence in the real world.

Can you blame them, however?

The world is so full of possibilities and opportunities that it becomes difficult to choose just one thing to do for the rest of your life.

Many young people have started to escape the corporate mad rush motivated by the desire to enter into entrepreneurship.

Granted, starting your own business and becoming your own boss can be difficult at first.

However, there are several ways to start. earn money online quickly. One of these ways is through Youtube.

If you don’t know where to start, follow this quick guide and you’ll be all set!

Sign up for the YouTube partner program

Whether you want to create content or share it, the youtube partner program helps you make money by monetizing your videos.

There are certain conditions, however; You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours in the past 12 months to be able to reap the benefits of ad revenue.

Also, keep in mind that while your video is monetized, you won’t start earning until people click on the ad or watch the ad for at least 10-15 seconds.

Think of creative ways to get people to watch your ad.

Suppose you have a video where you are cooking something and kneading the dough. You can tell your audience:

“Be back in 30 seconds to find out about the next steps!” “


“Don’t move because after 15 seconds we will turn this dough into a nice pancake.”

Sell ​​products

After you have gained enough subscribers, you can start selling your merchandise.

The variety of products you can sell to your audience is endless, from coffee mugs and key chains to t-shirts and caps. It’s your call.

For example, there are content creators on Youtube who educate people about the economy and climate change. After gaining enough subscribers and followers, they started to market themselves under their brand outside of the Youtube platform.

You can even indirectly tell your audience that you are going to be selling products soon. This is called “indicating”. You can mention funny word games related to your content throughout your video or create your own taglines.

Before you know it, fans will be voluntarily asking for T-shirts with your content printed on them!

Work with brands as an affiliate.

With more and more people heading to ecommerce to buy products and read reviews, what better way to earn passive income than to become an affiliate?

Start by promoting a brand in your videos. Soon you will be able to earn money from commissions on every sale you generate through your channel.

You can start by reviewing products like makeup by photographing a “before / after trip”. You can also create “how-to” videos with products that require assembly, such as tents or furniture.

Final result

If you choose to start making money online, you won’t regret it. With more people buying and consuming online today than ever before, moving to the online world will be a very lucrative decision. Affiliate Programs can help you start your own business, grow your brand and make a statement!

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