How to find affordable self-storage options

People invest in storage for a variety of reasons. Storage units are useful during the moving process when you need to remove items for staging, but they can also be used to house holiday decorations or important items. However, not all storage units are the same. Do your research to find the best options that can help save you time and money. Follow these tips to find the best possible unit.

Search for units available near you

The ultimate goal is to find an inexpensive storage unit for your important items. However, you also want your unit to be easily accessible. If you have to drive actress town to access your space, you’ll be spending money on gas and wasting time on the road.

The first thing to do when researching storage is to find units available in your area. Look for storage space in your zip code or neighborhood. If you live in the Hallandale neighborhood of Broward County, Florida, look for storage in Hallandale so you won’t see any units in Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

The best storage options provide convenient access to the unit, whether you are looking for mini storage space for a few boxes or a large room to accommodate all of your belongings.

Identify the types of storage you need

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Before you can find a storage facility for your belongings, you need to assess exactly what needs to be stored. First, consider how much space you need. If you get a storage unit that is too small, you will pay more to buy additional space via a second unit.

Storage units are usually sold in different sizes, with the more expensive units having more square footage. Look at your items to make sure you have enough room for everything you need.

You might also need specific equipment to protect your property. For example, a unit with air conditioning may protect photographs, artwork, cards and other delicate items that you want to protect. If you have heavy items, you need storage on the ground floor or at a company that has an elevator. Knowing what you have ahead of time can help you find the right storage space.

Find specialized vehicle storage

Storage of specialized vehicles

Not everyone needs to stock a few boxes while they are on the move. Some people need safe parking spaces where they can leave their motorcycles and recreational vehicles (RVs) when they don’t need them. These rides are typically used seasonally and need to be stored for a few months at a time.

If you have a car or motorcycle that needs storage, look for companies that specialize in auto storage. For example, an RV storage facility will have large garages and on-site security. You should also have access to your RV at all times to remove or return it. This convenient access allows you to keep your cars safe when you don’t need it.

Compare discounts and offers

If there are multiple storage spaces in your area, check the deals they have to attract customers. For example, many places offer a first month discount or will give you the first month completely free. Others offer discounts if you book in advance or go for long-term storage.

These discounts can ease the burden on your credit card, especially if you are already dealing with other moving costs.

A little research can help you save money on your stage rental. Whether you need RV storage during the winter months or just want a cheap storage unit during your move, take the time to research your options. You could get more square footage for less money while shopping.