How to choose the right link building services

Backlinks are an essential part of a website’s ranking these days.

Without it, you’ll have a hard time competing with the giant online businesses in your space.

In our experience working with over a hundred websites, we realize that businesses of different sizes, types, and industries have factors to consider before choosing the right link building service.

Here are four factors for choosing the right link building company to help improve your website’s SEO campaign.

  1. Link building strategy

Without a doubt, you should partner with a link building company with a solid background in the digital marketing industry.

When you can speak to one of their reps, project manager, or founder, one of the things you need to ask is their experience.

Do they understand what type of link building strategy is working effectively these days? Of course, there are creative link building strategies out there, but only a few are scalable and can really help increase website search traffic.

Companies offering link building services have different ways of building backlinks for their clients. This means that they can offer a similar strategy but different approaches for link building internships.

If a link building agency can’t briefly (if not in detail) explain their process of getting links, it can seem like a definite hiring to hire them.

The reason is that good link building companies will take time to educate you on their end-to-end process, from researching your website and industry to sending emails to their prospects.

Through education, you get to know their seriousness in their commitment and in achieving the desired results.

So, the next time you speak to a representative of a link building company, ask about their link building strategy, the types of connections they make with their customers, and what they think of you. website / industry versus their current link building process.

  1. Results of past and existing link building campaigns

The agency with effective link building strategies will definitely give good results to its clients. It is indisputable.

When looking for a link building company to hire, you may choose to visit their company’s websites to find out some of the results they have achieved for their clients.

This can take the form of a case study, guide, article, or some sort of testimonial that their clients have written / recorded for them. These are documents that will help you gain insight into their relationships with customers, their engagement style, and the significant impact they can potentially have on your website.

If you have the option to speak to them directly on the phone, it is best to ask for the client’s results. This way, you get first-hand information on exactly what they’ve done, whether it’s details or just a preview of the campaign.

Another way to find out what kind of results they are generating for customers is to read the blog section of their website. Agencies offering high quality link building services often outline their process of getting backlinks to specific clients using case studies and informational guides.

The more detailed the informative content, the better, as you will understand the step by step system that they have put in place for their organization.

It’s also best to ask potential link building businesses if they have specific case studies for a particular type of customer (B2B, B2C, educational institution, etc.) or for a particular industry.

The reason is simple. If they could provide case studies with clients in a market similar to yours, you can be sure that they could provide backlinks to your website based on their relevance and authority.

  1. Reputation of the link building company

Reputation is hard to discern and dissect unless you take the risk of having your initial engagement with the link building agency.

However, there are ways to find out about the credibility and reputation of your link building business before you even sign your contract with them.

First, you can ask experts in the digital marketing industry about reputable link building companies today. If you have connections with these people, you can easily tap into them and get their ideas on who you should be looking for and who can best meet your needs.

Reputation is critical. If you know the business is doing well, it couldn’t just let you down or ignore you when things aren’t going well with the link building campaign. They have sufficient resources and bandwidth to fill any gaps they may encounter in the future.

Second, you can also check out credible websites that act as an intermediary between marketing agencies and businesses looking for digital marketing help.

Credo is a good example. This is a legitimate website that helps businesses find the right marketing provider for them.

The third is that you can check out the website of the link building company. Do they have solid testimonials from experts in the search engine optimization field? If credible people can vouch for their work, you can rest assured that they can provide good quality work for your business.

  1. Linking proposal details

When you start asking and calling potential link building partners, you get proposals from some of these companies.

Some would just give you a rough price for the backlinks with respective metrics like domain authority and traffic numbers. Others will give you an overview of the process, which link building strategy to use that is right for the company you work in, and what kind of engagement and expectations they need from you.

The more detailed a proposal is, about how it would positively impact your business, the more likely the link building business is to be serious about getting results.

Due diligence in choosing the right link building partner

It’s easy to call the phone numbers of link building companies and immediately pick what you think can help you increase your search traffic through link building.

However, if you are looking for exceptional link building results for your website, consider the above four critical factors to help you assess the right link building partner for you.

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