How personalized mobile chats can deliver tangible business value across industries

Mobile chats are increasingly used in many businesses to establish contact with customers or foster collaboration with partners and colleagues. But if you want to take that interactivity to the next level, go beyond just texting – with a personalized mobile chat app.

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High quality voicemail, multi-party video calling, chatbots, these features and other implementations in your bespoke solution can help you tackle specific challenges in your field. And here’s how:

Generate more sales

In e-commerce, nothing screams interactivity louder than mobile messengers, and in the majority of cases, they can become the glue that holds your business together with customers. No matter what you are selling (products or services) buyers may need additional help. And depending on the complexity of the request, you can give automatic chatbot-based responses or provide personalized audio and video consultations.

For example, AI-powered chatbots previously trained on valuable data can provide insight into item details that cannot be found on the website, payment options including deferred payment, methods, and delivery costs and availability of the loyalty program.

However, if customers need more personalized help with product presentations, instructions for use, or recommendations for related articles, take advantage of audio or video conferencing. Such online consultations will help you build customer loyalty, increase engagement and satisfaction, as well as convert customer interest into dollars.

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Improve the quality of remote care

Driven by constant COVID blocks, online care continues to gain traction. Emergency help, mental health consultations, coordination of elderly care – these are just a few examples of how mobile cats can accelerate value-based care. And while in some areas an out-of-the-box solution is sufficient to meet key business needs, healthcare requires personalized development due to strict security restrictions.

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According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), online visits via a mobile or any other device must be confidential and private. And to protect sensitive patient information transmitted during video and audio calls, session recording, screen sharing and file exchange, the solution must comply with a number of safeguards and technical controls.

These include rock-solid authorization management and role-based access control that means giving access to video conferences, chats and medical records only to duly authorized user groups. Other safeguards include end-to-end encryption and decryption, two-factor authentication of people and / or entities, management of activity logs and audit controls, etc., aspects that do not can only be implemented in a bespoke solution.

Improve the interactivity of learning

Online learning is another arena where personalized mobile chats are touted for maximizing value – through in-company training, special education, language learning, education for children, and more.

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First, your mobile solution can be tailor-made for maximum scalability – by designing a latency-based architecture, implementing CDN strategy, and autoscaling based on load level. . In this way, you will be able to provide exceptional learning experiences for thousands of learners during conference broadcasts.

Additionally, with custom chats, you can implement on-demand features including computer vision-based student identification, virtual reality chat support, chatbot-powered gamification, and second selection.

On a final note

Given its flexibility and precision, personalized mobile chats offer considerable benefits. And while standard apps may seem like the best option at first, in the long run businesses like e-commerce, healthcare, and e-learning derive much more value from bespoke communication tools.

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