How Live Casino Evolved


Gone are the days when playing at home had to be boring – with the introduction of live casino games, you can enjoy all the fun and frolics of the casino scene without leaving the front door. But of course, it was not always so.

At the very beginning, there was a struggle to even legalize the casino buildings themselves, not to mention the technological advancements we enjoy today. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how far live casino has come and how games have evolved to get to where we know it today.

The first casino …

With ever-changing laws and regulations, gaming tables would operate on riverboats in parts of America, until licenses became available and permanent establishments were forged. The first building dedicated to the casino was built in Renaissance Europe, mainly in parts of Italy and France. The initial structure of the casino was very different from what we know today, with our traditional gaming environment not having developed until the 19e century, starting with North America.

The first online casino …

Online casinos got their start in the mid-90s, thanks to fully functional gaming software developed by a company called Microgaming, based in the Isle of Man. The site was released in 1994, starting a craze that now accounts for nearly 50% of all casino games.

From there, individual gaming sites were created. 1998 saw the launch of “Poker Planet”, a site that offered online poker games only to gaming enthusiasts. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the dial-up internet had its problems and the technology was not advanced enough to fully support this type of software, players still flocked to play poker online, regardless of the flaws.

The first live online casino …

In its early days, live online casino services only offered Blackjack as a gambling option. It came after people discovered that simply playing the iconic card game on the computer was lacking in functionality. atmosphere you would find in a real casino. So the only solution seemed to be to inject a little more interaction into the home game.

As you can imagine, the initial efforts still left a bit to be desired as these were simply games being streamed from an active land-based casino. Operating like this meant that parts of the game were obstructed by real players obstructing the cameras and the video quality was also not up to par. It was also found that it was impossible to interact with the deal, as they would primarily focus on the players physically seated around the table, rather than looking through the screen.

So how did they solve this? In 2006, a breakthrough was made and live online casino games began to be streamed from dedicated studios specially designed for this purpose. Now home players could watch the dealer shuffle the cards or spin the wheel, with precision and a clear picture. They were able to communicate with the dealer and really feel like they were seated at the gaming table. And that’s the standard you come across when playing online today.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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