How ergonomic seat cushions relieve pain in the hips, legs and lower back

Most of us spend long hours sitting in hard chairs at work, and we don’t have a problem with it until the aches start to cripple us. Unfortunately, uncomfortable furniture and bad posture can cause long term damage to our body if we are not careful.

Some companies have started to focus on employee well-being, providing a more efficient and healthy working environment by providing ergonomic furniture. It’s a welcome move, but what if your business doesn’t follow the same path?

Let’s start by understanding what ergonomics is.

What is ergonomics?

It is a term derived from the Greek words “ergon” – work, and “nomos” – laws. It refers to the process of adapting the working environment to the needs of the employee to reduce physical stress and resulting injuries, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity and providing better comfort.

Many disorders or injuries result from uncomfortable furniture in the workplace, which in turn led to ergonomic furniture. Most people spend more than 6 hours sitting in front of their computer, and many end up suffering from different musculoskeletal problems (TMS).

We’ve seen the ergonomic chairs that support the back for better posture and the computer stands that help prevent hand injuries and reduce eye strain. Now, there are ergonomic cushions that help relieve many ailments related to leg, hip or lower back pain.

While the employer is responsible for the well-being of his employees when they are at work, it is not always possible for them to provide them with an ergonomic working environment, even if it is in the best interests of the employer. long-term business. Your health is your responsibility and we’ll show you how ergonomic seat cushions can help you work safely.

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Ergonomic cushions

Because we tend to slouch in chairs, the upper body puts a lot of pressure on the lower back and hips. An ergonomic cushion helps by reducing this pressure and distributing your weight on itself. These cushions are versatile because if your chair is too low, they can help you hold yourself higher; if your seat is too hard it makes it softer or maybe too soft and saggy it can make your seat firm enough for you to be comfortable.

These are different types of ergonomic cushions, so a person with back pain might need a different cushion than a person with hip pain; therefore, it is important to get the correct seat cushion to meet your needs.

  1. Eternal comfort seat cushion.

Made from 100% pure memory foam, this cushion is designed to give you the best sitting experience. Poor posture or spending most of the day sitting can stretch your spinal ligaments, which puts a lot of strain on your spinal discs, leading to back pain.

This cushion is curved, a design that helps reduce pressure and evenly distribute support, providing relief to the back, hips, and legs. It is also soft and firm, helping with some balance to create better posture.

  1. Gel Infused Memory Foam Tailbone Seat Cushion

Also made from high quality memory foam that won’t flatten out the more you use it, this tailbone seat cushion has both an ergonomic shape and orthopedic design. The gel infused cushion keeps you from overheating when you are seated. It is a cushion designed for back and hip support.

  1. Lumbar pillow Qutool orthopedic seat cushion.

This ergonomic seat cushion is ideal for lower back or lower back pain. It creates a curve that follows the shape of your spine, reducing the pressure of body weight on your lower back and making posture easier. It is also made from memory foam which adjusts easily. The Qutool Orthopedic seat is made to keep its place on your chair, with its non-slip bottom. It is made for comfort.

The ergonomic cushions are also perfect to use in your car, when you are lounging on the sofa or on wheelchairs. Because the support they give to your back, hips, and legs is invaluable, we suggest purchasing one at all costs. Healthier environments create healthier bodies and minds, overall creating better results in everything we do.

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