How e-learning can impact the traditional way of teaching

Online learning can be summarized as: learn anywhere, access anywhere, any time of the day (or night). As long as knowledge is acquired and practically, it does not matter how it is acquired.

Old school thinking still claims that the importance of education in the classroom is what really matters and to some extent it is true, but advancements in technology make it increasingly possible to opt for an online learning system.

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Knowledge for all

Before the outbreak of the pandemic and the closure of offices and educational institutions, few teachers were already using non-traditional teaching methods such as recording lessons and solutions and making them available on the Internet for everyone, everywhere.

Traditional learning methods lack universality and travel is necessary when e-learning is not in use.

Verifiable impact of virtual learning

A multitude of self-taught freelancers who have gained expertise through the Internet are working successfully and making a living by implementing what has been learned online. This is proof of the effectiveness of e-learning. The physical presence of a tutor is important, but it is no longer necessary as long as the learner is willing to learn.

Valuable impact of virtual learning - article on e-learning

Pandemic / Lockdown / Curfew

COVID-19 has been a terrible experience for this and a few generations before, but it has also been a game-changer in the business sector as well as in education. Most schools have been closed or physical classes have been reduced to the strict minimum. We even have a generation of toddlers who have not set foot in an educational institution due to fear of the spread of the virus.

Online learning has reduced the damage caused by the loss of education and the learning has continued in one way or another. To help reduce the impact of lost education due to frequent school closures, Ninis Tutor provides a Home tutor in Lahore.

Working from home is the new normal

It’s safe to say that online learning is already the new normal in 2021. The impact is evident from the concept of “working from home”. About 50% of the workforce has been asked to work from home. Likewise, our education system has adapted to the situation and students are taking home lessons.

Teachers are trained to conveniently deliver the course in an engaging way for students to benefit from online learning. A multitude of applications have been developed for the sole purpose of distance learning.

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Impact on the business sector

Online learning is not limited to school and colleges only. Its application is as wide as one can imagine. Companies with overseas offices need to improve the performance of their employees around the world by providing training every two years or so.

An expert in a certain field who has to go to another city or another country for this purpose does not have to leave his room now. The training program can be conducted from anywhere in the world via the Internet and is almost as productive as an in-person session could be.

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