How do I get CCNP business certification?

The complex world of networks is changing at a rapid pace. Everything and everyone around us is progressing at a much faster rate than ever before. The journey of progress that has taken centuries; now only takes a few years. The CCNP Business Certification is also an exam to improve and showcase your skills. At the same time, CCNP is not child’s play. You have to get hold of many useful resources along the way to pass it with flying colors.

obtain a CCNP - 9088 company certification

What are the eligibility criteria for CCNP Entreprise certification?

Depending on the platform that takes these tests, there is no minimum level of education advertised for this exam. But, to take the exam, you must have a good knowledge of the topics covered in the exams. Most CCNP candidates have experience in applying enterprise networking solutions.

How do I get one?

To explain it simply, to accomplish this certification, you have to pass two tests. One of them is the central exam, also called the basic exam. And a specialized subject exam according to your choice. Each exam you take also earns you an exclusive specialist certification for that exam. Thus, you will be recognized for your achievements.


The two types of exams are: –

  • Basic exam: The basic or main exam is a preliminary exam on the concepts of business infrastructure; this includes a variety of things like virtualization, architecture, infrastructure security, etc. This exam is needed for other exams, for example, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. You must pass the exam and qualified candidates can take the next exam in due time.
  • Concentration exams: These exams cover new topics or any topic that arises in the practical field. These can include issues like wireless, automation network design, etc.

How do you prepare for the exams?

Getting a CCNP Enterprise certification is one way to prove your skills. To pass the exam, you can consult SPOTO CCNP Company discharges and practical tests. They have all the help you would need to take the exam. In addition, you can take the Cisco training courses offered for concentration subjects, which can also benefit candidates.

What is the validity of the CCNP Entreprise certification?

The CCNP Entreprise certification is valid for three years. If you pass the exams this year, you can use the certification for the next three years. You can also speed up and improve your learning expedition by passing more exams such as the CCIE.

What skills will I learn from the course?

During this course you will work a lot on your basic skills and learn the following: –

  • You will learn how to implement different types of advanced technologies and how to contribute to a safe and secure enterprise network architecture.
  • You will learn how to configure corporate networks for the next performance.
  • It will help you deepen your knowledge of network virtualization and automation.

Plus, it will be an overall improvement on what you have to offer the market.

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