Heading in the Right Direction: How UAE Businesses Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

It is currently estimated that more than 3,200 foreign companies are headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. While this region is indeed associated with many lucrative opportunities, the logistics encountered when starting a budding business can be quite difficult. That’s why it’s important to answer some common questions.

  • What is the cheapest free zone in UAE?
  • How can you get the cheapest e-commerce license in UAE?
  • Why is it always important to get professional assistance when setting up your business?

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Let’s take a closer look at what steps should be taken.

Establish a corporate foundation

Of course, it’s important to do a significant amount of research ahead of time. Although Dubai is a popular destination, we must remember that the smaller states of the Emirates can also offer lucrative opportunities. These include:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Fujairah
  • Ras al Kaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Umm al Quwain

Abu Dhabi - image

The only potential problem is that the rules and regulations associated with each area may be somewhat different. For example, obtaining a self-employed license in Abu Dhabi might present unique challenges compared to Sharjah. Setting up a small business in Ajman may require a new approach compared to Abu Dhabi. These are just some of the many reasons why it is always a good idea to choose contact a FreeZoneMarket professional. Whether you need a business license renewal in Dubai or you have questions about the DMCC Free Zone, we are here to help.

Work in tandem with the FreeZoneMarket team

FreeZoneMarket - UAE

Perhaps the main takeaway is that unlike many other services that aim to provide businesses with timely advice, our platform is absolutely free for all clients. Additionally, we are able to provide tailor-made visa services in the event that your family should arrive in UAE. Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Setting up bank accounts.
  • Audit.
  • Tax concerns.
  • Accounting.

If your business will operate from Sharjah Free Zone or you have the hope of moving into the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), our services are just minutes away.

A bright future

Let us also not forget that the United Arab Emirates should allow foreign companies to own 100 percent their operations; thus eliminating the need for an Emirati sponsor. While this is great news, there are still many hurdles to overcome. This is why new businesses must be prepared for all the transition challenges that lie ahead.

FreeZoneMarket has provided targeted solutions to countless entrepreneurs. This saves time, money, and a significant amount of confusion. Of independent visas in Dubai and understand the rules of RAK free zone to basic accounting concerns, you are in good hands when working with our team of seasoned professionals.

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