Explore the benefits of ABC fire extinguishers

It’s time to consider replacing your aging fire extinguishers with new ones. Before you do anything, take the time to learn more about what ABC fire extinguishers have to offer. Here are some of the benefits that you might find particularly helpful.

Suitable for use with different types of fires

The name of the ABC fire extinguisher indicates that it will prove useful with different types of fires. The “A” confirms that it will work well with Class A flammable materials such as wood or paper. The “B” indicates that it will allow you to tackle burning liquids, solvents and gases. The “C” is proof that the extinguisher is effective in an electrical fire.

In other words, this type of extinguisher will be useful for most types of fires that can occur in the workplace. It’s a versatile quality that you want to have on hand.

Available in hand-held designs

Some extinguishers can be difficult to manage due to their weight. With ABC fire extinguishers, the choice is yours. Most portable units weigh no more than a few pounds. The size also makes them easier to hold, aim and use in an emergency. It means a lot when the idea is to keep a fire at bay while employees are leaving the area.

Don’t let the small size fool you. The ABC fire extinguisher contains enough material to put out small fires and minimize damage to the facility. As with many other types of fire extinguishers, it is quite easy to recharge them if necessary.

And in designs with larger wheels

In addition to the smaller extinguishers that you can install in strategic locations around the facility, you can also invest in larger units. ABC approved fire extinguishers can be purchased which are mounted on wheels. These units are available in sizes up to 350 pounds. It helps a lot in fighting the fire and preventing it from spreading.

In addition to being portable, these larger fire extinguishers are designed for easy storage. Place them in secure environments where authorized personnel can easily access them. This will ensure that the response to a fire is quick and without delay.

Increase the safety of your employees

The main point of investing in this type of multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguisher is to ensure the safety of your employees. Given the versatile nature of the device, they can contain most fires while everyone exits the space and assembles in a designated safe location. The seconds that the use of fire extinguishers buys help reduce the risk of injury and worse.

Secondarily, the quick action of these extinguishers will help prevent fires from spreading to more areas and damaging equipment and machinery. This way, they also help ensure that your employees have workspaces they can return to once they are safe.

Are you looking for new fire extinguishers? Take a moment and discover the options available on herbertwilliams.com today. You are sure to find something that is perfect for your business.

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