Essay writing business is booming, here’s why

Dozens of essay writing services have sprung up like mushrooms over the years, which can only mean one thing: There is a constant increase in demand among students. But in early 2020, the need for essay writing services tripled.

What exactly is causing this trend and what is driving so many students to seek out these essay writing services?

COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning

COVID-19 has dramatically affected and reshaped the way education is delivered. Since the start of 2020, millions of students have been affected by school closures, leading to an online movement unprecedented in university history.

With the sudden abandonment of physical classrooms, students had to adapt quickly to virtual and digital learning. And according to some researchers, the adoption of online distance learning will persist even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

But as this blended learning model has emerged, many students are forced to learn remotely from home and study online – an unforeseen and rapid development that has resulted in a bad learning experience.

Essay writing, for example, is an essential aspect of liberal arts education. A student’s ability to write an essay consistently and effectively is a hallmark of their academic performance. David Anderson, founder of I hate writing essays shares some observations: ‘If a student fails to write well by the time he graduates, then he is not a “good student” in many ways.. The result of the emphasis on writing in the curriculum, combined with the pressure on students, has forced them to find innovative ways around this problem – one of them is to look to essay writing services for academic assistance.

With the impact of the pandemic, millions of students have lost valuable learning support on campus. And with the lack of physical learning opportunities, some teachers don’t closely monitor a student’s learning progress. Worse yet, students are constantly bombarded with homework, resulting in stress and burnout.

Essays, essays, and other writing-related assignments make up to 80% of an undergraduate student’s grade, so students are under tremendous pressure to produce multiple, quality papers every semester. .

How do students use essay writing services?

Students now, more than ever, realize that using an essay writing service can help ease their burden and keep burnout syndrome at bay. These essay writing companies may seem controversial to some, but they are legal companies that exist to provide useful study aids to those in need. Using an essay writing service helps increase a student’s understanding of a topic, which in turn improves their ability to write a unique and excellent article on their own.

The reasons students use essay writing services may vary. They may:

  • want to know more about a topic or topic that the program did not cover;
  • having too much homework and hoping to outsource part of the workload;
  • don’t have the skills to write a good essay;
  • are international students whose mother tongue is not English.

The latter group are more likely to seek essay writing services during the pandemic, with the combined challenges of distance learning and their limited written English. International students have already invested so much that they don’t want to blow it up by failing, so they seek help from these online writing platforms.

Use Essay Writing Services Safely

Various academic institutions in the UK and New Zealand are preparing to impose laws banning essay writing companies and view the use of this type of service as contract fraud. What they don’t understand, however, is that with each passing week during the COVID-19 crises, the students’ struggle to adjust to a new model of education only gets worse.

The rise of the essay writing industry only means that there is now an even greater need for students to get the help they desperately need to achieve their academic goals in the midst of a pandemic. And to avoid academic dishonesty, essay writing companies insist that they are not only legal, but also ethical. A simple visit to the “Fair Use Policy” of an essay writing service website sets out the rules for using their services, and that’s for clients to not submit their purchased academic work as theirs.

According to the CEO of an essay writing company, “We condemn academic dishonesty and take seriously any attempt at cheating on the part of students who abuse our offers, and we invest heavily in preventing the misuse of our editorial services”.

In many situations, students who do not have sufficient writing skills are able to complete a well-written assignment and get the grades they need, with the orientation of an essay writing service. Many of these students know when they cross the line and are fully aware that the penalties for plagiarism are already generally severe (academic cheating at some UK universities is grounds for expulsion).

Students should always keep in mind that in order to avoid academic dishonesty, they should use essay writing services for their intended purpose, i.e. use their papers only as a paper template to help expand their knowledge in a certain topic and / or to guide them in improving their own writing skills.

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