Divorce Papers in New Mexico | How to obtain ?

There is a saying from Willie Nelson that goes, “You know why divorces are so expensive? Because they are worth it.

But to be fair, that statement isn’t necessarily true. There are many ways to get a divorce, and some options are much more affordable than others.

Like what? You might ask.

Well, keep reading to find out how to get New Mexico Divorce Papers for a quick and cheap divorce.

Option 1: Consider using an online divorce service.

One of the easiest ways to get divorce papers in New Mexico is to use a online divorce service. These specialist companies help you prepare your documents for you, and all you need to do is file the documents at your local clerk’s office.

There are many different companies out there, but be careful some are not as good as others.

You would need to do some research before choosing an online divorce service. The reason is that some companies can be scams and others may not have up-to-date divorce documents which means you will waste time and money filling out incorrect documents, forcing you to start all over again. the process.

It would be wise to choose an online divorce service that has been around for many years and offers 100% guaranteed documentation that stands up to court.

How does the process work?

The first thing you will need to do is answer a few simple questions about your situation. For example, you will be asked if you know the whereabouts of your spouse, if you agree on how to share your assets and debts, and child-related matters (such as custody, maintenance and visits.)

What is the reason for this?

Well you can only use online divorce services if you have an unchallenged case. If your divorce is disputed, you will need to hire a lawyer to make sure you get everything you want out of your divorce proceedings.

Once your documents are ready, you will receive them by email within two working days.

How much does an internet divorce cost?

The good news is that online divorce is affordable. You can receive your divorce papers for as little as $ 139. Different packages are also available. For example, some could cost as much as $ 400, but that will include deposit services.

If you choose to file your own documentation, remember that you will need to pay filing fees, which vary from state to state. In New Mexico, you can expect to pay between $ 135 and $ 155 for divorce fees.

Option 2: New Mexico Courts Website

Another option is to go to New Mexico Courts Website. The site is relatively easy to navigate and you can download the divorce documents directly.

The forms you can download are:

  • Dissolution of forms of marriage
  • Parentage-Guardianship Forms
  • Paternity forms
  • Child Support Worksheet

These forms are free, and once you download them you will need to fill out all the necessary details and file them at your local clerk’s office. Again, you will need to pay an application fee.

Remember, however, that you can only use these documents if you have an uncontested divorce. If you don’t know how to complete the paperwork, you can always ask a lawyer to check everything before you file.

This will ensure that everything has been done correctly to avoid delays or start the whole process over from scratch. Because the state’s website is relatively easy to understand, you might get away with doing a DIY divorce.

Also note that if you have a contested divorce, do not attempt a DIY divorce. You will need a lawyer to help you defend your case, especially if you cannot agree on things like child custody.

Option 3: Hire a lawyer

Many couples prefer not to use a lawyer for a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that avocados are expensive. On average, the cost of a divorce in New Mexico is about $ 10,700, including $ 8,400 for lawyers.

This IS expensive compared to the options above, but hiring a lawyer would be your safest option if you have a contested divorce.

If your divorce is not in dispute, you can always hire a lawyer to prepare your divorce papers, but why spend the extra money if you could do it a lot cheaper?

Lawyers charge by the hour, so if you want them to prepare your divorce documents, save time by collecting the documents yourself and avoiding meeting with you afterwards to discuss the documents.

Takeaway meals

As you can see, getting New Mexico divorce papers is not that complicated. You have three easy options, which include:

  • Using an online divorce service
  • Go directly to the state website
  • Hire a divorce lawyer

But don’t forget to take a few essential factors into account before deciding which option is best for you.

Think about the cost, the time, what is easiest for you, and whether your divorce is contested.

If you are ever unsure of anything, always speak with a divorce lawyer to make sure that you are making the best decision for yourself, your children, and your future.

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