Delta-8 is the future revolution in the cannabis industry

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If you’ve heard of the Delta-8 lately and wonder why it’s so important, you’re not alone. This substance suddenly found itself in the limelight on the national stage and its popularity has many reasons behind it. While on the one hand, it is popular for its effects on users, on the other hand, it is targeted by lawmakers and medical professionals as a danger.

Delta-8 is a compound of cannabis and it’s quite similar to the Delta-9 THC that the world knows best. It induces effects similar to Delta-9 THC, although less potent. If you want to know more about what this substance is then a interview with Dori Wile will give you a good idea. Here we will discuss how Delta-8 found its popularity, why it is of concern to so many people, and how it just might be the next revolution in the cannabis industry.

The popularity of Delta-8

In short, Delta-8 can be derived from hemp. Under the law passed in 2018, hemp that contains CBD is legal for transport and sale in the United States as long as it does not contain more than 0.3% THC. And since Delta-8 can be created using CBD, it’s not technically illegal even though it has very similar effects to THC. It’s also a cheaper substance than traditional THC, making it even more appealing to buyers who want to experiment with cannabis, both for medical and recreational purposes.

Changing the industry landscape

Today, Delta-8 is found in a variety of products, even in states where marijuana is illegal. It is sold in the form of joints, gummies, and vape pens. Sales of this substance have increased more than twice in the past year in the United States. Despite all the legal issues that the substance is currently facing, its sales have only increased. It was reported by Headset – a cannabis data provider – that products containing Delta-8 as a compound saw sales increase by 144% from the previous year.

It shows how popular this substance is. It also shows interest in chemicals other than CBD and THC, like effects of CBG, which are derived from cannabis. Likewise, the Delta-8 has become a hot topic, as sellers report that most, if not all, of their customers are asking for it.

What’s the problem?

So why are chemists and regulators so worried about this? Well, on the one hand, it can have potent effects similar to that caused by THC for patients. Many Delta-8 products have been found to contain higher percentages of the compound than advertised. This can lead to serious problems for people, such as using more than expected substances.

Another major concern is that Delta-8 can be produced easily by mixing CBD with acid. While this might not be a problem when considering large manufacturers, it is a definite cause for concern for small manufacturers or home brewers. Toxins such as lead can be found in some of the products sold, which can be very dangerous if consumed.

The compound, ultimately, hasn’t been studied enough to really determine how it may affect users. This poses a great threat to young people who may go out and search for battery acid to create their own Delta-8. People were found to get their hands on CBD, conduct chemical experiments, and sell the resulting products containing Delta-8 at gas stations. This alone is one of the main reasons that lawmakers and medical professionals are trying to clamp down on its production. More than a dozen states have already placed restrictions on this substance due to all of these concerns, but Delta-8 supporters are expressing support as it can help with medical issues such as anxiety, stress. , etc.


While the Delta-8 itself might not be the problem, the way it’s produced certainly is. With more and more states introducing regulations to stop the manufacture and sale of this compound, it is very likely that these questionable products will soon be taken off the shelves. But despite this, it is the kind of substance that can create big changes in the cannabis industry when it begins to be produced in a harmless way.

This is a great way to feel the effects of THC, but not as pronounced. For people who are curious about THC but don’t want to experience very strong effects, Delta-8 might just be what they need to get their hands on. However, it should be noted that many products that you find that contain Delta-8 can end up harming you in the long run, so always do your research and buy from known and respected brands.


Delta-8 – a cannabis compound very similar to Delta-9 THC. Short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta-8 offers effects very similar to those caused by traditional THC. However, these effects are not very strong. This compound has also been reported to help with issues like anxiety, stress, and pain.

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