Countries that will pay for you for the visit

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has really made quite a number on the travel industry around the world. With the pandemic far from letting us live our lives as we are used to, there are still some interesting things to come out of it. Many countries that have suffered economically from the virus will actually offer to pay you to visit them after the pandemic is over!

Travel destinations around the world have great deals ranging from easy visa applications and free accommodation, cheap flights and attractions.


Nothing seems more exciting than strolling in the warm Italian sun, sipping a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio. If we found out that the country that invented the best comfort food is paying for us to go, we would never believe those words. But that was some time ago.

The Sicilian Department of Tourism is trying to attract more visitors by offering to cover part of their travel costs. According to them, for every three days of your stay you get an extra free day with plenty of free tickets to museums and tours on top of that. In addition, you are likely to only have to pay half the price of the plane ticket. However, this applies to a selection of destinations, so check with your travel agent to see if you will be eligible for a refund.

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You will be surprised to learn that even the UK is on the verge of getting really generous with its budget.

Brits can get extra money to improve the travel industry across the country. The Visit Britain director says a number of marketing campaigns and special offers will also take place to boost tourism in the UK.

Although the offer is only for UK residents, it still seems like a good deal considering how hungry we all have for any travel action.

But don’t worry, Britain has allocated a budget for overseas travelers who are particularly interested in traveling to the UK on a low cost after COVID ends. Information is subject to change, so check UK government websites frequently for any updates.

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Not only is Mexico getting a lot cheaper for travel in general, it also has a number of deals for potential tourists.

If you opt for an eight day stay in Cancun, you will only need to pay for 4 nights. This deal is part of the “Come to Cancun x2” project and seems like something we wouldn’t pass up. Just like Italy, Mexico also has a strong budget to cover the cost of your plane tickets, when you are traveling with a friend.

A quick and updated reminder of the documents you need for a Mexican visa in 2021:

  • A valid passport (or some form of identification)
  • Proof of airline tickets
  • Hotel or accommodation reservations
  • If you are traveling further, any documents required for a later destination
  • Medical certificate
  • Vaccine / PCR test or consent to quarantine 3-5 days after arrival


A prize for one of the most unusual offers goes to Cyprus. Country with a historic heritage, will treat free of charge anyone who tests positive for COVID-19!

The government will fully cover the treatment of tourists. If they are accompanied by someone, the cost of accommodation and food for them is also covered by the Cyprus Travel Service.

The global pandemic really made us believe that we would get stuck in the bubble of our homes until the end of time. Fortunately, this will not be the case: the list of countries wishing to welcome new avid tourists with better conditions is growing every moment. When have we ever had the chance to help the global economy by exploring corners of the world?

Stay safe and healthy, but don’t forget to feed your urge to travel.

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