Content ideas to improve your Instagram strategy

Instagram is a place where all that matters is your content. Its interface also focuses on content rather than any other aspect. Whether you’re an influencer or a newbie, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your content. But sometimes we couldn’t get any idea of ​​what creative content is affecting the quality of our content. If you are also strapped for ideas, you can choose one of the tips below to post to your News Feed.

1. Ask your users a question

Asking interesting questions not only maximizes your engagement, but also creates lots of opportunities. When users share their experiences, give opinions or thoughts, it creates a relationship between you and your follower.

Knowledge of users is one of the greatest assets of today’s world. You can use this information to get ideas for content. Creating content this way actually gets more engagement since you’re posting what your followers want to see.

Not only the content but you can also focus on your product which definitely helps you drive more sales. You can also get more traffic via SuperViral Canada to your commercial product.

If you are a gym trainer, you can ask users what is your favorite leg day exercise ?. Likewise, you can ask relevant but interesting questions to your users.

2. View a tutorial

Posting video tutorials is another great way to add value to your followers or customers. You can ask your audience which tutorial video they want to see, and then create an interesting video.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can share some important tips or cover strength training exercises. Since Instagram is a hotspot for influencers and celebrities, this type of content is therefore more likely to be exposed.

3. Go behind the scenes

If you are a business owner and sell one of your products, then this type of content is for you. Sharing content behind the scenes is one of the most powerful forms of content because it builds your confidence. Usually brands share this content on Instagram Story.

Behind the scenes content can be the video showing how your product is made. This way a user feels special and they start to believe that the product you are providing is of good quality.

4. Jump on a trend

Here’s a quick tip to make your content go viral in no time. There are always trends, followed by the audience on the social media platform. You can steer your content strategy towards these trends and ultimately people will like it.

5. Share user-generated content

UGC or simply user generated content is owned by users and is shared by any brand or influencer. If you are running a marketing campaign for a brand, you can ask customers to share their experiences with your product.

For example, if you have a t-shirt brand, you can ask your audience to comment on your photos wearing your t-shirt. And then the comments with most of the heart reactions will be presented in your timeline. Several brands are already exploiting this useful idea and getting good results from it.

6. Crosspost from other social media sites

Cross-promoting your content on other social media channels should be part of your content strategy. Most of the time, users share their stories across platforms. Cross-promotion helps your content stand out in front of a large audience and give them more exposure.

7. Blog posts

If you have a niche blog, always share some of it in your News Feed. Many expert bloggers have revealed that they get thousands of unique visitors, just from Instagram.

You can also use storytelling techniques to generate interest in your content.

8. Celebrate the holidays

Always stay connected with your followers on Happiness Events. Celebrate the holidays and share the content. You can schedule the content on your brand page, from the Instagram business account.

9. Create your own game or challenge

You can create your own game or challenge from your Instagram account. For example, you can run a contest or competition regarding your content or niche. Set one of the prizes as it encourages the public to participate in these competitions.


All of the ideas mentioned above can only be a hole in your content strategy. But you can get an amazing engagement rate by following these ideas.

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