Common Manufacturing Time Tracking Problems and How to Fix Them with a Time Card App

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Each industry has its own challenges when it comes to time tracking and employee attendance. The manufacturing industry is no exception. As one of the industries forced to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment, from the production floor to supply lines, it faces a unique set of challenges with tracking team time. that requires the right solution.

There are many important benefits and features of an online clocking system that can both solve and solve many problems facing the manufacturing industry. With the right modern tools, like a Punch buddy, and integrations, time tracking can be performed much more easily than traditional ways, especially in the new work environment.

Don’t worry about clocks anymore

There are several drawbacks to the physical clock in the manufacturing space. A particular problem is the potential for damage and the cost of repairing and replacing them. If you have multiple physical clocks, time and expense are multiplied multiple times.

With a time card app, there is no longer a need for a physical work clock. The clocking in app is accessible from virtually any mobile device, meaning employees can clock in and out on their own device, and there is no expense for wear and tear that the company must cover. It also reduces the time it takes to clock in and the potential for congestion.

Time clocks can also be defrauded by employees who choose to check in for others or not to check in or out. It’s difficult to manage time tracking with physical clocks without constant management oversight. A timesheet management application eliminates the need for monitoring because managers can see at a glance who is away or not, who is clocked and what they are doing.

No more planning problems

Planning can be a nightmare in the manufacturing space due to large teams and multiple teams. Manual planning is very time consuming and not very easy to adapt to changes. Add to that the inability to actively track employees in real time, and it can cause problems if there is an issue with production.

A time card app makes planning easier for managers and allows employees to view their schedules from anywhere almost instantly. It makes employees happier because they have their schedules earlier and can adjust to them. It’s also easier for managers to see who’s working and adjust schedules or call for additional help if needed. Easy schedule updating is both a productivity enhancing feature and a cost saving feature for when there is a lot of business and when there is not.

Employee monitoring and control

Keeping track of employees is complex with manual time attendance clocks; beyond the efforts to commit time fraud, it requires monitoring to manage large crews. This can lead to productivity gaps in the event of staff shortages, change of orders, change of shift or other issues.

A scorecard app manages all of these things seamlessly and can even give managers more control over what employees do, where they go, what areas they have access to and, most importantly, whether or not they are productive. .

Features like GPS allow employers to track the location of their employees, and geolocation can prevent them from pointing inside or outside a certain radius. Activity trackers can show what employees are doing and managers can quickly see if they are performing their duties. It also helps if there are legitimate issues with production and poorly trained workers or too few staff.

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