Best Ways to Track Amazon Orders in 2021

The American company Amazon is one of the largest online platforms which brings together several sectors of activity. The most common is the digital store where you can buy almost everything from books and music to home appliances and travel gear. No matter what your order, there are several convenient ways to track the location of your package.

Amazon Services

The easiest option is to use the brand amazon tracker offers its customers. The company offers two main options to know the status of the delivery by using it.


On the Amazon site, under “Customer Service”, you can find a page with a search bar. Enter the tracking number to find the necessary information about your order. Please note that if you have ordered multiple items from different retailers, delivery times may vary. Additionally, on your orders page, you can see a full list of deliveries and full data on each.


The company has developed a handy app for mobile devices running iOS and Android. You can track packages in real time and set up a notification system to be instantly notified when your shipment arrives at its destination. The app not only includes a tracker, but also a full-fledged digital store. Then there you can place an order, check the availability of the desired product, or report a problem to Customer Service. Integration with Alexa Assistant dramatically improves user experience and makes online shopping more accessible.

Amazon Partners

The company steadily expands its network of partners and currently has more than 1,700 departments that deliver goods ordered on Amazon. Among them you can find:

  • FedEx;
  • USPS;
  • DHL worldwide;
  • EMS, etc …

Usually, the company uses third-party services if the delivery terms are somewhat different from the standard terms; for example, a buyer should get the goods as soon as possible. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with the relevant information. You can track the status of the package on the Amazon website or app, or use the sources of a courier the company has transferred your order to. On the site of any postal service, there is an option to search for a package by tracking number.

Third party services

Goods ordered from Amazon’s website can be delivered not only by Amazon Logistics, but other suppliers as well. Sometimes this requires regional (little known) courier services, and then information about the location of your package may not be available on the Amazon site. Oversized and non-standard packages can be delivered by specialized carriers.

To avoid loss of cargo and always know what is happening to it at the moment, it is more convenient to use all-in-one trackers. These advanced platforms collect information from a wide variety of postal services (over 800) and get you the data you need on time. You don’t need to manually search for your courier in this huge list. You can use the tracking number that Amazon assigned to your order. Enter it in the appropriate line and the search engine will identify the delivery company and provide all the necessary information regarding the shipment.

Be aware of any changes

Whether you choose Amazon services, sites and apps from partner companies or install an all-in-one tracker on your device, you can quickly check the status of your package. Please note that delivery times may vary by region and type of delivery (express or regular). In addition, the arrival date of the package is affected by public holidays and possible customs issues. Either way, with modern websites and apps, you’ll always know where your cargo is.

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