Best Strategies to Follow to Simplify Email Management

If you don’t know how to manage your email accounts, it can turn into a lack of time for really important issues. Read the most popular tips for effective email management and if you apply them you will soon see the changes.

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1. Have multiple email accounts

To be more productive and focused, you should have at least three email inboxes. It is best to link exclusively critical online accounts to one. It is not worth checking it regularly – only when completing certain transactions. The second mailbox can be public and should be used for correspondence with friends and colleagues. And the last one you can use for other things like newsletter subscriptions, promotions, etc.

Such an organization of emails will allow you not to get distracted by notifications from social networks and viewing various types of advertising media during working hours. Second, attackers will most likely hack either the mailbox the user specified while registering on third-party resources or their public email. If they are successful, at least they will not have access to the user’s money.

2. Use email clients on smartphones

This allows you to always be in touch, even when the user is away from the computer. Getting your partners and colleagues used to responding to their email requests on a regular basis can save you a lot of annoying phone calls. Plus, checking email regularly using a mobile phone eliminates the need to regularly use a PC outside of the office.

If you want to reduce email overload, you can use a voicemail app as an alternative. You will be able to send voice messages which can be heard or read in the transcription option. The less emails you send, the less cluttered your inbox will be.

3. Attach files to the letter before composing the text

A common mistake: sending a letter without an attached file, when there should be. The problem here is that after dealing with the email, users often shut down their computer immediately and go home. And when the recipient of the letter reports that he has not received the attached file, it is often no longer possible to send it from the smartphone. You can solve the problem by defining a new rule yourself: first attach the necessary files to the letter, and then just start typing the message.

4. Several mailboxes

If you use many mailboxes, it is advisable to connect them to the main one. In different mail systems the settings are different, however at the idea level there are two ways of implementation: either letters are sent from a secondary mailbox to the primary one or the account robot primary connects to another mailbox. and picks up the mail that arrived there.

To have a unified and clean inbox for all your messages, you can use a email cleaner like the Clean Email app. This app allows you to add multiple mailboxes, organize all emails into similar groups, and apply actions to email groups instead of managing emails manually.

5. Never leave the subject line blank

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Always fill in the subject line so that the letter doesn’t get lost in the recipient’s inbox among hundreds of others. If your message requires an urgent response from a colleague, you can use all caps in the subject line or multiple exclamation points. This way, you get your message right to attention and let the recipient know that it is important. It really works.

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