Automatic screen printing machine

Automatic cylindrical screen printing machines are also called cylindrical screen printing machines, circular bottle design machines. It is ideal for printing curved surfaces on rectangular, cubic and other unusual shapes bottles and for designing on polyester, crystal, metallic and other circular bottles. the automatic screen printing machineis widely used in everyday chemicals, food, drink, medicine, toxins, custom water glass and makeup bottle manufacturing, and many other fields.

Semi-automatic cylindrical screen printing machine

Organizations are also designing semi-automated bottle painting machines in addition to automatic bottle inkjet machines. It is a general and flexible equipment for screen printing on bottles as well as jars. It can paint on the circular funnel and oval objects, including water bottles, makeup bottles, aesthetic coils, aluminum water bottles, glass bottles, plastic jugs, caps bottles and many more.

This cylindrical screen printing machine has fast and easy equipment transfers, precise physical records and all parameters are easily accessible on the front screen. She can also craft colorful circular objects. For various printing needs, the device features a motorized registration process and direct sensing registration technology.

Custom Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

Do you want to buy the best screen printing device for your needs? When none of ONCE TECH Conventional surface printers here is appropriate for your purpose, the best choice is to design your custom device to meet your exact needs and budget. For example, an automotive components company needs specific automated cylindrical printing equipment for printing on lube oil filters, air filters and other circular containers.

For this collaboration, manufacturers have created the cylindrical screen printing device OS-R45. They link the cylinder printing process to manufacturing and packaging plants. The vertical separator automatically rotates 90 degrees and lands on the squeegee conveyor inside the milling system, as well as the laying filter automatically rises and moves to the packaging line in the output system.

What is the price range of your round screen printing machine.

The companies supply a wide variety of round screen printing machines, ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic versions. Then they will want you to provide us with details of the item or printing requirement, and we will help you find machine options and come up with the correct machine costs. The following information is required:

  • Dimensions of the printed bottle (diameter and height). This will determine whether a small or a large machine is used.
  • How many different colors will be printed? As a result, they have a 1-6 color printer.
  • Bottle images, such as printed bottle images, basic bottle images, etc.
  • The images of the bottles are used to determine if their equipment is capable of printing the designs.
  • Daily or monthly printing capacity. This will determine whether a semi-automated or fully automatic solution is used.

What kind of automated printing press did you provide for bottles or tubes?

Many companies offer a variety of automated printing options for bottles and tubes.

  • They offer screen printing equipment, sheet inkjet printing and hot pressing machines for printing.
  • There are two types of operating modes: linear and rotary.

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