Are you planning to have weight loss surgery in Poland? It’s a good idea!

Are you considering weight loss surgery or any other treatment for the removal of body fat? Diets and Exercises Didn’t Work for You? Do you suffer from medical problems related to obesity? If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, your decision to undergo surgery is indeed logical.

But while educating yourself about the treatment, have you found the procedure to be too expensive and out of your budget? Well, we’re going to offer you some tips that just might change your life!

Consider having weight loss surgery abroad. No, that’s not a strange suggestion! In fact, it has become common for people to travel abroad for cosmetic and medical surgeries because not only the procedure but also the accommodation and aftercare is affordable and of very high quality. “Medical tourism” is the name of the phenomenon, and it is extremely popular among people who want to undergo weight loss surgery like weight loss surgery or gastric bypass surgery. But when you are planning to travel to another country to get rid of your extra fat, you need to know which country to choose. After all, the cost of healthcare in countries like Canada, UK, and USA is quite high. You’d better do it in Poland.

Poland is known for offering excellent medical facilities, experienced surgeons and affordable accommodation. Therefore, consider getting bariatric surgery in Poland maybe actually a great idea. If you agree, here is a comprehensive guide on why and how to get treatment in Poland.

What is bariatric surgery and who needs it?

Weight loss surgery, also sometimes called gastric bypass surgery, is a procedure where the top of the stomach is isolated from the rest of the stomach and part of the small intestine is sewn directly onto it. The resulting pouch can only hold about one ounce of food. With this method, food bypasses most parts of the stomach and large intestine and goes directly to the small intestine. All of this limits an individual’s ability to absorb calories. This is a suggested procedure for obese and high risk patients, who are unable to lose weight through non-surgical methods such as exercise and dieting.

What are the challenges and benefits of this surgery?

Before you decide to go under the knife, you should know the pros and cons of gastric bypass surgery.

It can cost between 3,500 and 13,000 pounds, which is considered quite expensive. In addition, there could be a risk of infection of the stitches, allergic reaction to anesthesia, blood clots in the lungs, or leakage in the gastrointestinal system. In addition, in preparation for surgery, you have to change your diet, stop smoking, prepare yourself mentally and, above all, stay positive during this time.

But it’s usually not as scary as it sounds! Of course, every medical procedure has its side effects, right? The key is to look on the bright side.

The benefits of this surgery are that there is significant weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, potential escape from type 2 diabetes, normalized blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lasting results. Only a person who has struggled with excess weight all their life can understand how flirty and musical it is to the ears!

Myths about the procedure abroad

One of the most common myths about low cost medical procedures done overseas is that they are cheaper because the quality offered is lower. Another common misconception is that tracking and hosting abroad is more expensive. These two notions are completely wrong!

The reason for the low prices of this procedure in countries like Poland, Egypt and Mexico is that doctors in these countries do not have to pay high liability insurance and high prices for office rental and staff. Plus, one can purchase a low cost medical tourism package to cover everything from transportation to the cost of surgery and aftercare. The price you pay for such a package is much cheaper than the total cost you incur in a country like Australia.

Also, many people think that doctors from foreign countries are not as experienced as those from Australia or Canada. This is also wrong, as bariatric surgeons in Poland are well regulated by organizations such as the Joint Commission, which monitors the activities of these surgeons around the world. Most international physicians must pass rigorous tests and obtain certification in their area of ​​practice.

Why choose Poland for the procedure?

Although it should be largely clear by now, here is a brief overview of the benefits of weight loss surgery in Poland:

  • As mentioned earlier, doing it in countries like Poland, Egypt or Mexico is considered quite economical.
  • Traveling abroad for surgery usually requires minimal treatment time. For example, in the United States, weight loss surgery must be approved by your insurance company and you must meet all surgical criteria. It can even take up to a year to get approved. However, in countries like Poland, the paperwork is minimal. If you can fund your surgery, you can do it anytime that’s convenient for you.
  • Tourists who undergo surgery abroad are treated with respect and care. Doctors in Poland spend time talking to their patients and taking care of them appropriately.
  • And of course, there’s nothing better than recuperating with five-star amenities, flat-screen TVs, delicious meals, and luxurious beds.

Poland has recently become a top destination for weight loss surgeries, due to the professional care, affordable prices and high quality that come with treatments in the country. Along with gastric bypass surgery, the doctors here are also adept at performing other weight loss surgeries such as gastric balloon and gastric sleeve.

The price of bariatric surgery in Poland starts from 3,500 pounds and includes consultation, hospitalization, medical tests and a personal driver. Clinics in Poland meet the highest standards in technology and medical treatment.


Weight loss surgery like gastric bypass has its challenges and benefits. Thus, one must carefully weigh their options. One of the biggest constraints is the cost of surgery. Therefore, going abroad for surgery is a much more affordable option. This is especially true in the case of a country like Poland which offers first class facilities at an economical price.

Having an operation is not an easy decision to make, especially when it can be life-changing in the future. You should definitely go ahead only with expert medical advice, but we hope this article has given you some insight as well.

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