Are All Season Tires Online In Canada Good For Winter?

Changing tires with the change of seasons can be tedious, time consuming and an expensive endeavor. So, to reduce the fuss, the tire makers came up with a tire that drivers could use all the time; all-season tires. You can purchase these tires online in Canada or from your local authorized dealer.

Most drivers opt for all-season tires to avoid switching between winter and summer tires, as all seasons are designed to withstand both climates. However, all-season tires are not a good idea in winter. They are good with hot temperatures but don’t have enough traction for tough cold weather. This makes cars with all-season tires unsafe to drive in winter. To avoid accidents, get your winter tires from Planet Tires.

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1. Testing all-season tires on four-wheel drive

AWDs have become mainstream and many drivers claim they make better performing winter tires in Canada online. When a test was carried out on an all-wheel drive car with all-season tires running in winter, the claim was that the weight of the vehicle improves all-season tires in winter and gives them better performance, which is not true. The weight caused more harm.

2. Test on ice

An all-season and winter tire test on all-wheel-drive cars was performed to show the differences in acceleration, braking, and cornering. Winter tires are good on snowy roads and during cold seasons. This is because it has a rigid rubber made for this climate. In addition, its steps are designed to resist water and ice. As a result, it gives better cornering and braking on ice compared to all-season tires.

All-season inline tires have a straight, smooth tread designed primarily for dry climates. However, due to the material of the tire and the tread pattern, these tires are not the best for winter and they will not last long in icy climates.

3. All-season tires

While Canada Inline All Season Tires are designed to perform year round, even in winter, they are not the best in winter. However, they can survive on roads that are not too snowy with a little acceleration and traction.

Some tire manufacturers use all-season tire tips to make them useful during the winter. For example, some increase the flexibility of all-season tires by using soybean oil on the tread compound. However, winter tires are still unbeatable in cold weather.

4. Buy winter and all-season tires

Having a set of winter and all season tires improves your car’s performance in winter and increases the life of your tires. This is because both types of tires are made with compounds suitable for their type of climate. As previously stated, using all-season tires in extreme winter could result in accelerated wear.

Drivers are reluctant to switch between all-season and winter tires due to the expense involved. First, winter tires are expensive to buy and are used for a short time. Then, after the end of the winter season, these tires are stored to wait for the following season.

Storage is done in garages and tire storage shops, for which you will have to pay a fee, which makes it expensive. It is also time consuming and expensive to hire an installer after every season to change your car from all-season tires to winter tires.

5. Tips to Help You Stay Safe on the Roads During Winter and Summer

  1. If your area experiences severe winters, buying winter tires online in Canada will be worth it. Otherwise, your all-season tires will wear out quickly and you will incur more expense to replace them each year. This is something that you can now avoid by replacing them.
  2. Be sure to drive with winter or all-season tires on all wheels. Some drivers will replace the rear wheels with winter tires and use all-season tires on the other wheels, which is dangerous and can cause accidents.
  3. Switch to winter tires online at the onset of winter and don’t forget to replace them with all-season tires at the end of the season. If you continue to use winter tires in the winter, their rubber will wear out quickly and they are expensive to buy.
  4. When removing all-season tires, be sure to store them properly, as recommended by tire experts. You can store all-season tires in your home. Make sure they are in a cool, dry place and wrap them in a black bag to prevent oxidation. In addition, do not put any weight on it when storing.
  5. Even with winter tires, obey the rules of the road for your safety. They have good grip on snowy roads but make sure you slow down before applying breaks and be aware of traffic changes.