American Home Shield Plans and Review

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Founded in 1971, American Home Shield (AHS) is the premier home service provider in the United States. Frontdoor, its parent company, offers home service plans and AHS is Frontdoor’s flagship brand. It is a well established company in the field of residential warranty. There are different plans available to homeowners in all of the US states except Alaska.

Why American Home Shield?

  • AHS covers things that home insurance does not cover.

It is not insurance. Maintaining systems and devices is something AHS does for the people who want to keep them running.

  • All systems or devices can be repaired under AHS.

No matter the age or age of the item – there is no requirement for maintenance records or inspection.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our 30-day manufacturing warranty means that if you see a problem with your completed repair within 30 days of service, they’ll fire their contractor for free.

AHS regimes

American Home Shield’s plans cover repairs for up to 23 appliances and systems. If they are unable to repair your covered item, they will replace it. Roof leaks can also be repaired as part of the AHS plan. Currently, the company offers three warranty plans that cover repair and replacement of major home systems and appliances. Customers can manage costs and get things repaired with multiple policies, additional coverage, and higher service charges. shares a detailed list of home appliances and systems covered by AHS.

Here are the three AHS plans that cover almost all repair and replacement items:

  1. Silver Shield Plan

This plan includes heating, air conditioning, electricity and plumbing.

Heating and cooling – air conditioners, heating units, ducts

Integrated electric exhaust, ventilation and attic fans, main circuit breaker and fuse panel box, doorbell and chimes, interior power lines, ceiling fans, garage door openers

Plumbing – Indoor plumbing lines, toilets, faucets and valves, hot tub motor and water heater

  1. ShieldGold Plan

ShieldGold covers everything around ShieldSilver, as well as kitchen and laundry appliances. The kitchen includes the following appliances: refrigerators, hobs, ovens, dishwasher, built-in microwaves, garbage disposals, water dispensers, laundry appliances

  1. Platinum Shield Plan

With ShieldPlatinum, you get everything from ShieldGold and ShieldSilver coverage. Plus, the plan offers free annual HVAC tune-ups and roof leak repairs.

Final exam

Compared to other residential warranties, American Home Shield has a slightly higher average annual cost than its competitors. Nonetheless, it provides additional coverage on items that the competition does not offer, such as doorbells and re-keying services. Even though American Home Shield’s plans cover many appliances and electrical appliances, you can get a quote for an individual item using their pricing and methods portal. American Home Shield covers most breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear, but there are a few exclusions to protect home systems. The advantage of the coverage is that you can get so many repairs that the term of the contract is limited.

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