8 reasons why Instagram will overtake Facebook

Given Instagram’s growth, it’s not far enough when Instagram will overtake Facebook. Currently, it is much better in many ways like increased engagement rate and better user experience.

As a marketer or business owner, knowing which platform is best for your business is crucial. At present, Instagram offers better growth opportunities compared to Facebook, due to the target audience. With access to Facebook Ads Manager, you can now effectively target your potential audience using several useful features.

We’ve mentioned some of the reasons Instagram may soon overtake Facebook soon.

1. Instagram is more mobile friendly

While Facebook is the king of the social media world when it comes to user experience, Instagram is taking the lead here. Unlike Facebook, the focus is on Instagram content rather than offering multiple features. Due to this emphasis on content and appearance centered, it is becoming more mobile-friendly.

On top of that, Instagram has a structural advantage since 80% of its content is used by mobile users.

2. Instagram has better story integration

The story feature that was introduced by Snapchat has now been adapted by Instagram and Facebook. But, Instagram Stories are way more interesting than Facebook Story feature. Not only are the features great, but it also offers a higher engagement rate which translates to better visibility of your content. Instagram has become even more famous compared to the Snapchat version.

3.Instagram is trending among young Americans

Another reason Instagram can overtake Facebook in this race is demographics. Studies have shown that the number of Instagram users between the ages of 13 and 35 has increased dramatically over the past two years. This is because Instagram is always focused on building a user base for young people with its cool features. This young fan base can help Instagram influence the world of social media in the future.

4. Instagram is more business friendly

Facebook has tried several times to make it friendly for commerce, but it hasn’t been able to bring good results. But on the other hand, Instagram is more focused on ecommerce, which makes it perfect for a marketing perspective.

The in-app payment feature allowed shoppers to purchase the products directly from Instagram. In this way, the user experience has improved considerably. Marketers can leverage this aspect to generate leads and convert them into buyers.

5. Instagram is a better place for brands

Instagram is not a great place for content creators or influencers, but due to its better user experience, it also provides a great opportunity for brands. Many small businesses have built up a solid reputation and increased their sales using the potential of Instagram.

On the flip side, Facebook is also a great place to promote your brand’s message. Buy Facebook Likes Australia help you get more exposure to your brand through Facebook. But lately there have been a lot of changes in Instagram’s algorithm which makes it difficult from a marketing standpoint. Without a doubt, Instagram’s algorithm also keeps changing continuously, but compared to Facebook it’s less likely to impact your engagement rate.

6. Instagram has a better discovery

Instagram and Facebook are both content sharing platforms where you can share your talent with the world. But, it’s the engagement and the algorithm that decides how much engagement it will receive.

Engagement is largely dependent on discovering your content and again Instagram has better discovery compared to Facebook.

7. Instagram has built-in messaging

With built-in messaging, you don’t need to install any additional apps to get in touch with your friends and followers. You can keep your network connected to your marketing in one place, instead of getting confused with tons of apps.

8. Instagram is a more positive place

If we look at it collectively, Instagram is a more positive place than Facebook. Several cases reported for harassment and social bullying have a higher ratio on Facebook than on Instagram. Instagram has a diverse audience, which makes it a versatile platform for people of different backgrounds.


Now, if you’ve decided to devote your 100% attention to Instagram, what’s the next step? Well, visibility and engagement are two of the most important factors needed for Instagram to be successful.

Without a doubt, it is difficult for newbies to start getting followers quickly and bring more audience to your audience. But, the shortcut and the easiest way is to allocate a decent budget for Instagram marketing. You can spend this budget on Buy Instagram Followers Australia and the execution of the advertising campaign. Both of these methods are convenient and can generate instant results.

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