8 cute cat shelves you should buy for your kittens

Even if your cat sleeps most of the day, he needs to get some exercise. Providing your cat with wall perches and shelves to climb on allows them to explore, burn energy, and stay healthy. If you’ve never heard of a cat shelf or cat perch, this is the type of furniture developed exclusively for your cat to climb and reach higher levels. A nice cat shelf would give a cat plenty of space to scratch, a higher view of the world, and a splash of color in their life to match their personality. Some of them are wall-mounted cat trees, while others are simple walkways or steps. The best part is that you can mix and match the pieces to create your personalized cat wall climbing system. The best cat shelves and wall perches for your cat are listed below.

Window perch for cat by PEFUNY

One of the wonderful cat shelves for kittens is the PEFUNY Window Cat Perch. Cats are always looking for the perfect view to soak up the sun. The PEFUNY window perch for cats offers cats a 360 ° sunbath. This is a space-saving cat bed as well as a window cat perch. Its frame is made up of advanced pipes, covered with a tough outer fabric, and supported by four massive suction cups, allowing it to be attached to a window without the use of a tool and installed in seconds.

Large multi-level cat tower from BEWSIHOME

This amazing cat tree includes two cat houses, a plush cover, sisal scratching posts, a hanging fluffy ball and a cozy hammock, which will provide your pet with a fun and comfortable experience. The stability of the castle will be ensured by the balanced design. Your cats will love their new home and have a great time there! The cat tower comes with a wall anchor strap for added stability and to prevent accidental tipping. All floor panels are soft and luxuriously carpeted.

NOYAL Cat Hammock Bed

The whole cat hammock is made of high quality mesh fabric, soft and durable. Even in summer, your kitten will not be anxious thanks to its breathability, and he or she will enjoy a sweet sleep. Its pet bed is suspended, which ensures that it has no contact with the ground, repelling moisture and protecting your cat from various skin diseases. It is fitted with four sturdy iron legs, and the bed shelves will not shake or tip over when your cat jumps into the bed. This cat hammock is the perfect height for your cat to get on and off, and it’s a safe option for you too.

BAYKA floating shelves

These wonderful shelves are not the only ones with a minimalist design, but they are also versatile and reliable products. Its triangular brackets are sturdy and each bracket is made of heavy-duty industrial metal. The tops of the shelves are made of high quality Paulownia wood, which is sure to delight any guest. The special triangular design offers two distinct display shapes. Install these shelves with the board above or below the brackets, depending on your preference. It is a fantastic addition to your home because of its sturdy structure, simple installation, and sleek design. Interestingly, your adorable cat can have their space to rest and play with these cute wall shelves.

K&H Pet Products Kitty Window Hanging Bed

This sturdy cat window bed has a soft and peaceful atmosphere that allows cats of all sizes to sunbathe and look out the window. Its sturdy construction can withstand even the biggest cats! It featured advanced engineering for strength and ease of assembly, along with an attractive oval design. It has ultra-soft orthopedic foam and a removable and washable faux lambskin cover. The feet measure 3/4 “wide and 8” long from the window sill to the base of the feet.

Cat Hammock by FUKUMARU

This hammock attaches directly to the wall and is a stylish new take on cat furniture. It gives your cat vertical space to perch, nap, and look around. It measures 16 x 12 inches and is large enough to fit even the largest kittens! It is really a nice cat furniture for your cute cat.

Cat Tree Tower Condo with Scratching Post and Hammock Bed by Amazon Basics

This fantastic raised cat hammock with two scratching posts is made of strong and durable materials. Its plush hammock can provide a relaxing environment for your cat. It prevents your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains and other items. It has dimensions of 15.75 x 15.75 x 19.69 inches. The two pillars, which are covered with natural and durable jute rope, provide a suitable and satisfying texture for the cat to scratch and sharpen its claws. The cat tower is made of natural jute fiber, plush carpet and sturdy particle board, and it offers reliable strength and long-lasting quality.

MOCOHANA wooden wall cat bridge with perch

Save floor space by fixing it to the wall; without having to worry about spoiling your room. By providing space for multiple cats in a home, a wall mounted cat bridge can help with behavioral and territory issues. The shelf can provide enough space for your cat to move, jump or walk. You can adjust the height of the shelves yourself and they can be multi-level to satisfy your cat’s natural climbing instinct. Its suspension bridge as well as the fixing frame are held together by 304 stainless steel screws. The bridge pillars and the fixing frame are fixed to the wall with 8mm American fixing nails after being assembled with hex screws. interior. The fixed mounting dimensions are 10.04 * 9.45 * 3.15 ″, the deck length is 39.37 ″, and the board thickness is 0.59 ″.


Essentially, cats often climb trees and find a comfortable spot on the tree’s branches from which to observe their surroundings. Since this is not possible for a domestic cat, a cat shelf is the best option for a suitable place for cats to nap. These shelves will quickly become your pet’s favorite place to sleep and relax, and even more so if they like to hide and watch everything in a nice shelter. Cat shelves give your cat a sense of security and comfort. They prefer to be elevated and supported by a solid structure.

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