7 technologies paving the way for seniors with reduced mobility

Mobility technology allows an aging society to regain its independence and live a life of aging in place without pain. From traditional walkers to stand-alone vertical walkers, here are the top seven technologies paving the way for seniors with reduced mobility in 2021.

State-of-the-art upright walkers

Traditional walkers and walkers certainly deserve recognition for the independence they grant to the elderly, but they also require bending over and encouraging bad posture. This disadvantage is the reason why upright walkers like The perfect walker are more and more present in the lives of the elderly today.

The perfect walker - Technologies paving the way for seniors with reduced mobility
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Vertical alternatives are the most popular mobility aids and compared to traditional rollators their advantages include:

  • Reduced back pain with an ergonomic design that allows users to stand up straight
  • Usually includes a fold-down seat for convenient resting anywhere
  • Greater autonomy to extend outdoor activities
  • Better control with non-slip handles and sturdy wheels.

Mobility scooters

A notable addition to the new wave of mobility, mobility scooters are electric vehicles that are primarily used to assist people with reduced mobility. Unlike electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters are generally more affordable, convenient to handle, and customizable. These state-of-the-art, user-friendly mobility aids typically offer the added convenience of a portable basket and footrest.

iBot wheelchair

Compared to mobility scooters, this next innovation is definitely an upgrade. The iBot motorized wheelchair is an advanced electric vehicle that can climb stairs, raise the user to a certain height while climbing stairs, and carry them at a steady walking speed. It also has self-balancing technology to help climb stairs without anyone having to carry the user.

Stair lift

As one of the most affordable assistive devices, installing a stairlift is ideal for seniors who have chosen to age in place. Users with reduced mobility can enjoy the comfort and safety of climbing the stairs by sitting on the device and controlling a lever. The device slides up or down the steps. Stairlifts are a great option to make the home safer for the elderly when living on the ground floor is not an option.

Sock Aid Kits

Preparing to stand and move is just as essential as getting around on your own, and finding comfortable shoes can be especially important. Sock Aid Kits help seniors get dressed by eliminating the need to bend over to put on socks. They include a foot chute that allows the user to easily slip over socks without the assistance of a caregiver. Some are even designed to complement larger feet or arthritic conditions.

Electric recliners

If snuggling in a beloved recliner poses a challenge for your elderly loved one, these high-tech alternatives may be the long-sought solution to growl and moan. For those unfamiliar with technology, a recliner recliner tilts the person forward to lift them, eliminating the need for unnecessary movement or straining the core muscles. As an added bonus, power-lift recliners can also lean back and have wheels for easy transfer.

If a hassle-free seating arrangement piques your interest, search the market for models that have the features your elderly loved one needs, such as multi-level adjustments for comfortable positioning, built-in back massage technology, and heat therapy.

Non-slip products

Due to joint pain and deteriorating range of motion, older people often have difficulty climbing stairs. Fortunately, non-slip products can make life for the elderly a little easier and alleviate the anxieties of potentially fatal spills. These safety devices can be applied to the floor of the stairs to prevent slipping. Examples are rubber floor treads for exterior and interior and non-slip rollers for areas without carpet.

Tee shot

Seniors still have a long way to go and these innovative technologies can help them get there. Now it’s time to move again and remember that there is no shame in baby stepping.

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