7 London Small Business Websites That Got SEO Boost During The Pandemic

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses in London had to find creative ways to keep their operations afloat. Government restrictions meant they had limited options to continue their services as usual.

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This is when smart digital marketing and SEO strategies The Internet quickly became the largest market and companies had to position themselves on popular search engines like Google or Bing to attract their customers.

The business examples below will highlight the importance and necessity of online marketing and SEO campaigns for entrepreneurs with online business presences.

1. Click on Make

ClickDo -888388

This digital marketing agency in London has been hit by the pandemic as some customers have suspended their marketing deals because they had to shut down during the lockdowns. Click on Make then decided to focus more on other online services such as link building, guest posting and press releases for clients rather than pure SEO work for clients.

To attract new customers for these services, the team focused on publishing relevant SEO-optimized blog content so that it ranks well in the search engines for the desired keywords. For example, the Online Guide to Making ClickDo Money Now ranks for several high traffic keywords like ‘make money from home’ and generates leads that could become a potential customer for digital marketing services.

Additionally, they ran a few paid Google ads targeting a specific customer group to get more conversions. To build links, they would run an ad targeting guest bloggers and small business owners, for example. By adapting their marketing and SEO strategies, they were able to continue their business activities without too much loss.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: around 20 employees
  • Products / Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Media and Publishing Services.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: Organic Traffic Generation, Paid Google Ads

2. Quick waste

Quick waste - e99399

Quick waste is one of the leading providers of green waste and rubbish removal services in London. The company takes care of waste removal in and around London. During the pandemic, the company was affected by a reduced number of requests, in particular from private households, but also from customers such as large restaurants and complex shopping malls.

Quick Wasters updated their website content with the latest government health and safety guidelines and published a few guest articles on the subject to reassure their customers that their services remain safe. As customers now sought more contactless services, they focused more on these keywords, also for their paid Google ads.

Additionally, they shared more social media posts related to the contactless services they offered to raise awareness. In this way, they instilled confidence and the demands of the customers slowly increased again.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: 15 employees
  • Products / services: provide waste disposal services using environmentally friendly methods.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: Organic Traffic Generation, Updated Web Content, Social Media Posts.

3. Express waste disposal

Waste-Express bbbb

Express waste collection to offer green house and garden, office and construction waste collection services to residents of London. Their waste collection services include the recycling of heavy, bulky items, large and small, furniture, electricity, computer devices for individuals and businesses.

As customer demands decreased, they decided to focus more on the trending topics of recycling, sorting and transporting waste to the right waste disposal units for their customers while offering services. safe and non-contact to reduce the risk of infection.

They have updated their website content and blog posts accordingly, highlighting how safer it is to let the professionals take care of waste disposal during a nationwide lockdown. After their website ranked higher for search terms like “recycling,” their request rate increased again.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: 12 employees
  • Products / services: provision of bulky items clearance and recycling services.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: SEO optimized web content, updated and trending blog posts.

4. SeekaHost

Find a host

SeekaHost is a London-based web hosting company and during the pandemic some customers who were hit hard financially suspended or canceled their web hosting plans. Thus, the company has studied and invested in offering more affordable and yet innovative web hosting solutions such as private blog network hosting with the SeekaHost app and Minecraft game server hosting for example.

After researching popular search terms with SEO tools, the team realized that Minecraft games and blogging were on the rise. Therefore, they added these services and designed the SeekaPanel specifically targeting bloggers looking for a quick and easy way to host and manage their blogs. This strategy was rewarded with increased sales after websites ranked higher for these popular keywords.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: around 16 employees
  • Products / Services: Web hosting services and solutions.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: SEO target audience research, SEO optimized website building and content.

5. Delete all junk files

Deleting all junk mail - 33

Delete all junk files is an experienced household garbage removal company that also operates as a recycling business focusing on reducing waste pollution through its expert recycling services.

The company served many corporate customers before the pandemic, such as McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Fortunately, after the first lockdown, these restaurants continued to operate with delivery services and the team understood they had to respond accordingly.

They shared more information about their corporate waste collection services on their All spam removal blogs and tried to gain new customers in the same niche by targeting other food delivery services through their paid Google ads and social media posts. And after the first lockdown, more and more requests from corporate clients started to come in.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: 12 employees
  • Products / Services: Same-day garbage collection and recycling services for households and businesses.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: SEO optimized blog content, targeted paid Google ads, and social media posts.

6. Garbage collection in London

Garbage Removal in London - 3993

Garbage removal in London provides expert moving services instead of renting dumpsters. After their inquiries were dropped during the pandemic, they announced that they were donating reusable items they collected to charities through press releases, in which they also set out their tailored policies regarding concerns new government health and safety guidelines to reassure their customers.

These effective PR along with updated website and blog content helped to appear in more search queries resulting in an increase in their overall service requests.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: 11 employees
  • Products / services: household waste collection and recycling service with van for individuals and businesses.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: Press Releases, Updated Web Content.

7. The best wasters


The best wasters have an extensive network of vans ensuring exceptionally fast junk removal services at affordable prices. The company is certified by the environment agency as a transporter, broker and reseller of waste and with the growing trend towards green living they have decided to focus their content more on this aspect of their work to boost their business during the pandemic.

On their blog, they shared more information about sorting, segregating and recycling garbage, and through press releases, they informed a wider audience about their same-day collection services, because during closures, people moved a lot.

This led their website to appear in more related search results and rank higher for relevant search terms such as ‘same day garbage removal’ which again increased the number of requests after the first lock.

  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • Number of employees: 20 employees
  • Products / Services: Same-day garbage and vans collection and recycling services for individuals and businesses.
  • Best SEO and Marketing Strategies: Press Releases, SEO Optimized Web Content for Organic Traffic Generation.

Hopefully the companies above can demonstrate what a difference SEO and marketing campaigns can make in tough economic times, and which of them can benefit your business as well. Test some of them to see if they improve the performance of your online business.

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