7 best team building activities

Team spirit is one of the most important aspects of management. If your team doesn’t function as a strong unit, you are unlikely to be successful. However, some team building activities just don’t have the desired effect. Here are the ones that actually work.

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Team quiz

Everyone loves a quiz. Give your team a chance to work their mental muscles by dividing into teams and taking a general knowledge quiz. You can do this as a way to give the team a break during the work day or to meet at the bar after work. Just make sure you don’t make it too heavy for the industry. The best team-building activities are those that take you out of the office for a while.

Laser Tag or Paintball

Laser Tag And Paintball Have basically the same end goal. They will bring your team together as they fight against each other. Laser tag is best if you don’t want to end up all bruised and battered. However, because paintball hurts, the stakes are much higher. This means your team will take it more seriously and might end up forming a stronger bond. Just be sure to ask each team member if they’re ready to do this ahead of time.

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt Is a more user-friendly way to make your team work as a unit. Some employees will absolutely love this idea, and others will probably hate it. You will need to decide this for yourself, based on what you know about your team members.

Go see a big game

Not everyone is in the sport. But it’s pretty hard not to enjoy the atmosphere of a great game. Get your team tickets to a local sports match and enjoy a day together. This will ease the pressure on the work environment and give the team a chance to get to know each other. You might even Bet on it to keep it interesting.

Escape room

Escape rooms Are designed for team building. You are stuck in a room and must find a way to escape based on a series of clues. This will allow your team to think and work together which will translate well in a work environment.

Go out for lunch

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. A simple lunch, paid for by the company, can help the team relax and get to know each other. Often the best team building happens when the team leaves the office in a less formal atmosphere. Of course, it will help if the drinks are flowing freely.

Work in the community

Giving back to the community is a healthy activity that can really bring a team together. From serving at a local soup kitchen to fundraising, charity work is a great way to bond with a team. You can suggest the idea to them and ask them to suggest how to go about it. Not only is this a great way to improve team spirit, but it can also be used as a subtle marketing tool to build branding.

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